Bmw E30

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

The auto BMW 3 SERIES of cars had its great moments, and one of the good things that came from many of such great moments was the rise of the 2nd generation of that same series, which birthed the BMW E30. It happened to replace the E3 21 SERIES, by the way, in case you remember that series as well. These E30 cars, anyways, were made between 1982 and 1994, so they had their good 12+ year run, so to speak. They had a good run, indeed.

They were assembled mainly in Germany, but also in some parts of South Africa, throughout the lengthy assembly and production processes that were involved in their manufacture. For Germany, they were assembled in the region of Munich, which I’m sure you are more than familiar with, if you have taken any history courses back in high school or college, he he he heh ( for me, I would say that was a while ago, but I still do remember my studies of this rich country and its unique hand in making and manufacturing cars, even BMWs ) . As for South Africa, the ones assembled here in this country came right out of Rosslyn, of course.

This type of car, anyways, has been labeled as a class D type of car. As such, it is known as a compact executive car and you can definitely tell that it is one as well. Ever seen those old 80s and 90s movies in which the people working in large corporate office buildings ( or even certain white – collar mob bosses with a taste in simplistic fashion, he he he he heh, depending on the movie, of course ) would ride around in one of these on their way to work or a business meeting? Or they would drive one themselves, with other friends in the back, riding along. You get the drift here. This is that car, ha hah.

You can get either RWD or AWD. It depends on the year – model you got, of course. And you can also pick this car up as a 2 / 4 – door sedan type or even get it as either a 5 – door wagon or a 2 – door convertible, all in all. So choices? Yup. They’re there. Many choices, in a sense.

And for trans ( slang for transmission, as I like to say ) , there are 4 rich choices to pick out from as well : you can either get a model that has a 4 – speed manual trans, one that has a 5 – speed manual trans, or even one with a 3 – or 4 – speed automatic trans. You pick. This car was first being developed in 1976, during the hot July weeks, and plans on it were rolling into motion then. Thank God the manufacturer pulled through, and the car was produced, no more sitting in conception / design phases.