Go Kart Motors

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

There are many great motors here, thank God for the 21st century. So many choices. So many ways to get it shipped to you. Or even easy pick - up. Don’t you just love this great country, reader? I do it with all my heart!

Anyways, out of the many choices I HAD LOOKED AT, and some I have even bought, at other times, I would like to pay respect to a special motor and that is this one —- the Duro Max XP7HPE. Have you heard of it? If not, please look it up. But please also read my post — I am to share much with y’all…..

Now first of all, this go kart motor is a nice blue color. It features an electric start. Nice, eh? That means you can start it up and get things going electrically as you need to…. all the best in all the latest, as my mom likes to say, sometimes. This is high - tech, no doubt about it ; and the best part that I like is the plain fact that it is approved for use in all 50 states, officially. It is also a multi - use - motor in case you have heard of one before today…. that means they serve several functions and even simultaneously. This thing gets busy, in other words, and stays busy, as you start up your go kart and take off on the road! It will do many things for you to keep you going.

Now, then, did I mention the fact that it costs just $200? This is on the low side of the cost - ball, as we like to say around here, cause I HAVE SEEN, with my own two blue eyes, that some similar motors cost more than $900 a piece. So this is a pretty good deal and you can get a lot out of it, all in all. Look at it that way, and it will begin to change your whole perspective on things. Plus, to add to that, go karting can be a costly hobby, much more so when you want to get the right parts, properly maintain everything, and of course, have loads of fun as you do so. It is worth it to me. Is it to you? Only you can know that.

Now what else to show?

Well, going back to that same motor that I have just showed you, let me top off the facts with something else…. did you know that it works with 2 - stroke? Keep that in mind, too. And it’s also 17 inches in diameter. Besides on Amazon.com, D & D Motor Systems, Inc is another place I like to look for these motors. Check them out, too.

Motors are everything in keeping a go kart up to par. So if your motor is giving out on you, start looking now. Get an evaluation and test the motor, too, at places that can test it.