How Much Is a Seven Marine 627?

Author : Efrain Silva

How Much Is a Seven Marine 627?

In today’s times, nothing comes at a cheap price, and no listed price is ever permanent or stable ; markets change, times change, and people change. Besides all that, needs change. And so do wallets. Now, if you are a really invested boat lover who has taken a good look at the 7 Marine 627 and set your heart on owning it, one day, then perhaps nothing else will dissuade you otherwise. The heart wants what the heart wants, but can the bank account follow? That is the question to consider ; either way, in this reading, we are going to tell you, ideally, what the price range would be for the 7 Marine 627 so that you can start planning as needed.

First of all, as one of the similar models, the 557, costs around $79,590 as we speak, can you take a quick guess as to what the 627 might run for? Any guesses are fair game, so throw a mental number out there in your mind, and we will see if it sticks. And now, since you have thought it over for a bit, the answer is about to be revealed. Are you ready to see how close your guess might be?

Seven Marine 627 Price

Here we go : The 627 now sells for (drum rolls, please), nearly $90,000. How close was your guess? Was it good? It’s too bad I’m not offering money for the closest better, in this instance, but hopefully you won’t beat yourself up too badly if your answer was way off. Each experience is one to learn from, anyways.

A way that you can save some cost upfront, though it will always cost you more (in interest accrued) later on, is to try to work out a deal with the respective seller of the 627. You can usually pay it off in installment costs or similar derivatives ; some sellers might even offer you no interest at all in those first couple of years (or at least those first 6 months). You might expect to pay as low as $2,000 per month, maybe even a bit lower, depending on the condition of the 627 and the seller. You might even think about something else….


How about going to a live bid auction, where you can try to lemon sucker whichever poor other souls are at the event, to get the 627 for yourself and at the lowest price you can? However, be prepared to drop around what the item is actually worth, the full $90,000, in case the bidding goes way up. Only the highest bidder can win. Are you prepared, and do you feel it’ll be worth your while?

With 627 hp @ 5600 RPM capacity, this product’s as costly as it is. $90,000 could buy a nice house. But a product’s worth is in the eye of the buyer. Is it worth it, to you? Only you, and you alone, can decide this, my dear friend. And we hope that you decide well.

Why did Volvo shut down Seven Marine?

They want to be a zero emission company.