Ski-Doo Freeride

Want to buy a snowmobile? Check out these impressive specs of the Ski-Doo Freeride for a better insight.

Recreational snow rides are the most enjoyable. The ride becomes even more fun when you pair it with the best snow craft. To match the level of adventure that you crave, you might need a powerful snowmobile. And what can be a better scene than when you grab a Ski-Doo Freeride?

The all-new Ski-Doo Freeride is praised for its robust functions, super cool looks, and creative color combination.

This snow beast is ready to slay on the mountain slopes with its exciting features and impressive specifications. So, let us have a fair knowledge about the vehicle.

Ski-Doo Freeride: An overview

There are advantages and disadvantages to every product on the market. Hence, you need to keep in mind the cons along with the pros and features while buying. So, here, in this section, we will give a detailed insight into all the features, pros, and cons of the Ski-Doo Freeride.


Like most other Ski-Doo models, this specific snowmobile is also equipped with ROTAX 2-stroke engines. These engines provide the smoothest rides on the slopes of mountains. Even in the deepest snow, the vehicles ease your ride with their robust performances. Moreover, the Ski-doo Freeride model has incorporated two variations, namely the 850 E-TEC & 850 E-TEC engines. Both are turbocharged and provide excellent acceleration along with an instant response.

Short Tunnel

This has been considered to be the most praised feature of all. The Ski-Doo Freeride model is equipped with a short back tunnel that makes it flexible in difficult areas. The short tunnel makes the vehicle so versatile that it can go anywhere and everywhere without any problem. Also, space can be increased and decreased as you wish with the lightweight snow flap with a LinQ-ready attachment. So maneuverable, right?

Lightweight Hood

Most riders across the globe have commended this feature of the Ski-Doo model. The lightweight hood of this model makes it super flexible while on the ride. The one-piece Polypropylene hood immediately drops 6.2 lbs. Additionally, heat dispersion is evenly maintained by the optimized ventilation. Besides, the hood is praised for its noise suppression quality as well.

Rear Suspension

Like many other Ski-Doo models, this specific model has incorporated the all-new rear suspension for a better and enhanced riding experience. The improvised tMotion Rear Suspension reduces the rolling effort because of the ball joint at the center pivot. This progressive joint system makes the vehicle easier to handle and smoother!

E-TEC SHOT Starter

I can assure you will like this component of the snowmobile the most. This vehicle accompanies an E-TEC SHOT starter. The press button starter of this model is added for you and that too with barely any weight. After applying force start, you may actuate the vehicle by the press button start or by the shock start. It transforms the vehicle into an electric engine. The flywheel turns, and the motor turns over effectively. This particular benefit of the Ski-Doo must be appreciated.

KYB PRO Shocks

The racing models of Ski-Doo generally incorporate the KYB PRO shocks that help the mobile handle all the challenging situations while on the ride. The convenient remote reservoir design and easy-adjust compression have made the model everyone’s favorite. Isn’t that amazing? Try giving it a shot!




How fast can a snowmobile go?

Different snowmobile models have different speed limits. Some might be as fast as a rocket ( just kidding, don’t take it seriously!), and some others might function like a snail. Also, the maintenance of the snowmobiles is a crucial point while determining the speed factor. But on an average calculation, most snow crafts may reach the speed of 150 mph at a maximum level. However, some racing vehicles may level up to 200 mph comfortably.

How long will a two-stroke snowmobile engine last?

This is also a personal experience-based question. It is better to avoid generalizing while answering this. Remember one golden rule, the more detailed your maintenance schedule becomes, the more your snowmobile lasts. I know maintenance and cleaning are the most tedious jobs in the world. But, to have the optimal result, you need to indulge in these habits. Now, coming to the ultimate answer. You may expect your two-stroke engine to last for 10000 to 20000 miles. Though that depends on the model, brand, and maintenance schedule as well.

Is snowmobiling dangerous?

A knife can be used to cut fruits and to cut throats as well. So, it is you who will decide the danger factor. Snow rides and mountaineering are considered to be some of the most dangerous recreational activities. It is full of thrill and adventure. However, snowmobiles are not considered risky when you maintain safety measures. Most accidents can be avoided if one follows proper rules while riding one. Hence, it is not that risky.

Final thoughts:

The recreational snow rides are more than enjoyable when you take it in an adventurous spirit. And what can be a better option than Ski-doo, perhaps the most trustworthy name in the snowfield? Be it for the acceleration, speed, or impressive design; the Ski-Doo Freeride has gathered a considerable number of fans. People across countries have faith in it. However, at some point, the disadvantages for tall people are highlighted. But looking at the affordable price with so many exciting features, you may give it a go.

Good luck.