Sodi SR4

This one has been known, like most in the Sodikart line, to offer great ROI value for what you pay ; all in all, at the end of the day, you will get your full value and find a product that well surpasses all your basic expectations. That is a promise made by the very Sodikart president and owner himself, which he stands on to deliver every single time …. in addition to superb customer support. So the Sodi SR4, as you can already tell, is truly a winner for that many reasons and more. But let us delve in just a little bit more closely to see what else you can get out of it, touching on its full features, value and more, shall we? Please read on ….

Now first of all, I would like to more than just simply make light of the fact that no go kart is perfect ( but with our tech and our advancements in science, it sure seems like we are getting there, doesn’t it? Fingers crossed toward the future, he he he he heh ….. ) . Now, then, I would like to start off describing this wonderfully modern, all – electric go kart for youth and adults by simply telling of its best feature ( or at least, my fave one, he he he heh ) —- its amazing tri - angled pedal positioning system. Now, you may have heard that and wondered, “What in the heck is it? Or what is this talking about?”

Great question : in brief, it simply refers to a quality – made lower floor system in the kart that, like its name, allows you to adjust your floor pedals based on 3 different angles it offers …. so you can move them around to the perfect comfortable position for you ( based on your height, leg room space / needs, foot size, etc ) …. it is a top of the line feature that truly makes the cutting difference here between a mediocre go kart and a luxury one. This one is no less than luxury itself. And the best part is that it can accommodate for different types of people and needs.

Those floor pedals, by the way, are some of the shiniest ( if you buy the go kart new, of course, he he he he heh ) I think I have ever seen in my life. They look solid and are not made of cheap plastic or rubber. In fact, they are pure, brass – like metal and shine like never before …. they are quality, slim and elegant black. They look so nice and fancy because they are …. try and clean them, to shine or polish them with some Lysol or other top – notch, all – purpose spray ( or scrub ) soap from time to time. Keep them nice and beautiful and dust – free.

I hope you have enjoyed my take on this. Please read more blogs here. Thanks!