Honda Odyssey Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Honda Odyssey Go Kart - FL250

Picture by: Zibodiz License

I recently got to one thing off my bucket list and scratch it off —- but it was not really on the list, per say, he he he heh. But once I got to do it for myself, I got to add it to the list and then joyously scratch it off — and you might wonder what in Karlie Krystal’s name I am talking about here, this time ( crazy old Efrain Silva with his usual bumbled stories, he he he heh ) ? Well, friend, so super glad you asked because I am talking to you about none other than the time that I got to look at a Honda Odyssey FL 350 FULLY RE - BUILT ( by my friend, who just so happens to be a real genius at these sorts of things, sorta ) .

It was a nice red and black one. And in fact, I got to see that friend, who re - built this, just the other day ; so I have been thinking about him, and speaking of which, thinking about the re - built Odyssey . Who would have thought, all in all, that you could whip a few things around to make a nice, decent little go kart out of it? I sure did not. Believe me —- I was as stumped to find out that he did this, as I was when I found out that my cousin was in love with my friend from high school, ha hah…. true story. Other time. But anyways, it might behoove you to notice that you can do this and even watch Vimeo for how to get it done ( or You Tube, too ) —- endless videos and content that I have started to sort of binge on as a means to learn how to do this all for yourself…. yes, I am planning to construct / re - construct ( and at some point, just for plain old fun, de - construct, as well, he he he heh…. though I am still in those nifty planning phases right as I write this up ) my own go kart similar to that Odessey one that I so easily fell in love with.

You can re - construct your Odyssey to make it more like an off - road buggie sort of thing and use as often as you want. And if, as I have been writing this, you have just been ACHE - ING for a visual on what I am talking about, and want to really see this sort of go kart with your own two eyes, then let me stop and point you to here —– Honda Odyssey ATV For Sale - Craigslist & eBay Ads - US Classifieds

Yes, that is what these beauties look like once they have been re - built. And you can even buy them re - constructed, to save on hassle and work. I just gave you the link!