Why Do Go Karts Spin Out?

Spinning out is a problem that can often happen ( and yes, even much more often than you might like, if you are being 100 % honest with yourself here, he he he he heh ) when you apply the brakes too fast and too hard… all at once. Also, making turns that are too wide, or too tight, can cause you to spin out. If you start your turn way too tight, for instance, you will need to brake in advance…. and doing so will only make you go through that turn with much slower momentum, and you will lose time in your race. After all, keep this in mind as you race — timing can be everything sometimes, and a couple seconds saved ( or lost ) can either win you or lose you that race. So take it perfectly, my advice…. make the time count, every single second is precious.

Now you might remember those goofy old games like Mario Kart 64 ( or others in the series, too ) in which you could literally get hit with a shell or banana, and then your go kart would frantically spin out of control for a few seconds. Remember that experience? It’s kind of the same here, expect when you spin out in real life, it can be just a bit quicker in the recover time ( thankfully ) …. here, if you know how to recover from a spin out, or do your best to mend the situation as it happens, you can get back on the road in about 3 – 4 seconds. Now, picking up speed again will be the hardest part, at this point ( unless, of course, you are driving one of these crank – up, very fast accelerating go karts that get up to speed in just 10 seconds or less ) . You need to get your momentum back, and find a way to outsmart or out – corner those other drivers ahead of you, at this point…. which will always be a real challenge.

Also, think visually —- picture yourself being “ahead of the curve” and not right at it. There is a psychological effect that this carries, in your mind, and its explanation has no words. When you visualize being ahead of where you actually are, at the moment, it helps you move along faster and power forward. It’s truly amazing how this works. And of course, if you spin out, don’t stress out ( like how that rhymed? He he he heh ) .