Can You Use An Oil Filter Twice?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Thank God for the modern days we now live in, days of technological convenience and improvement, in which you can even ask such a question on Bing and not get mocked for it. He he he heh. If you have asked this question at any point in time yourself, then do not feel bad about it. I am going to go over some things with you that I think shall be to your benefit. Like a brave and noble warrior entering the field of battle, I just ask that you put on your “reading helmet” ( he he he he he heh ) and prepare to launch forward with me here …. and into the blog we go ….

Now first of all, I would like to just start off with this fact —- if the oil – filter just so happens to be the typical disposable kind of oil – filter ( what just about everyone is used to using ) , then using it twice might not be the best idea, all in all. They are only made, after all, to be used one single time …. and with one single oil change. That’s it.

Now, keep in mind the following facts as well ; first of all, on this note, you may damage your engine easily if you attempt to re – cycle and re – use a disposable type of oil – filter. And is it really worth paying for a whole new engine when you can just put out around $12 or so for a new filter? Think about it. It’s not worth it, of course, as it will cost you more in the long run.

What’s worse is that certain parts in your engine ( count on it as a fact, friend …. this is what WILL happen ) will thus fail to lubricate in the way that they were initially intended to do, and that itself will cause a whole nother range of problems you have to swallow. Plus, the tiniest passageways inside will start to get only more and more clogged up, over time. In addition to that, you will also find that the overall fuel economy on your engine will undoubtedly start to spiral into decline. It will drop, no doubt. And it was all over a simple thing like re – using a disposable oil – filter. Why take all that risk?

Just get a RE – USABLE oil filter. Did you know they exist? They do, folks. Pure Power, for instance, is one of the best brands that can make it and sell it. Check them out anywhere online. Just Bing – search “Pure Power re – usable engine – oil filters” or something. These are special products that get built with every kind of OEM dimension in mind, as well as high – quality Viton O-rings ( depending on model, size, and brand, of course ) . Plus, many of them get made out of the best stainless steel.