Can You Leave A Jet Boat In Saltwater?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

More or less speaking, a jet boat can remain in salt water for a little bit but the idea is that it be docked away when you are not using it…on ground ( not on a boat deck, in which it continues to sit in salt water all night long or for many days when not used again ). But if you mean in the instance of leaving it sitting in salt water for a few moments, as you are out in open waters with a few friends, just relaxing and enjoying the view, then you might want to think about a few true facts, just for quick thought….

The first thing to really know is that steering might be a little more difficult, given the model and other surrounding conditions. If your jet boat catches in some kelp or seaweed, by means of its rudder or any other part under the water ( parts of your boat that you can not pay any attention to, as easily, since they are typically “out of sight, out of mind” for you since your only usually focus is on sailing and what’s ahead, not what’s under you in the boat’s lower exterior - interior, he he heh ) , then this also makes it hard to steer or can even get you stuck, in the very worst - case sort of scenario. Think about that. The pump can suck up these elements, and anything else it can draw in, easily, and you might get jammed.

10 - 14 deg is the typical minimum dead rise you are looking at with jet boats, as well, something else to jot down in your memory bank. So if the salt water gets choppy, you ought to be fine, more or less. But if the choppy waves force anything into the pump and jam you down beneath, then another problem may arise like I mentioned. And since the water and the waves, along with the salt, move quickly, there, it is easier for something big, like a larger eating floating around, to get in there and create a blockage of any form. Of course, this is, like I briefly did say, when worse comes to worst ( so think happy thoughts as, more times than ever, people ride around and get back to dock just fine, but you still ought to prepare your mind for the worst that could happen so that you will be both knowledgeable and quick to act when it does, don’t you agree with me? ) .

It is also good to flush your motor after moving in salt water. It just helps get any water out and not build up in there. Try and do it after jet boating, like right after. It just takes a few minutes, based on your model and motor functions, to get it done. A good flush is a good thing, and it keeps your engine going longer. It costs money to not take care of your engine, just believe me on that.