How To Use Winterizing Kit Sea-Doo Spark

By Author : Efrain E. Silva

You’ve got the kit. And now, you are going to tweak things up! But wait…. how do I even get started, you might be posing the question? I know that if you, like me, are doing it for your first time, you want to make things go just right and not miss a single detail. Thankfully, guys, I am here to help you out, and in this short but sweet guide, I can share some tips and wisdom on what you ought to think about. So let’s dive in…….

Now first of all, I am going to point your eyes and ears to the very fact that —- pay attention, now, he heh — winterizing IS essential for the survival of this great watercraft model as it is for your very motorcycle or any other kind of unused engine or vehicle during the cold months. It is super crucial to help keep it safe from the blasting cold and from being idle all throughout it, for so many more reasons than one. So if you are a little skeptic, by chance, as to whether or not you should dewinterize and if it is worth your effort, my answer to that is always going to be a resounding YES. IT’S CRUCIAL. Just like putting a winter coat on when you go outside in December ( well, he heh, depending on where you live, but you do get the idea here, I’m sure ) .

But anyways, to start the whole process, I like to first check – out my jet pump and make sure that it has not collected too much water or is not contaminated or containing filthy water. It is always a good place to start. And also clean it out in detail since you are going to be putting it away or storing it for quite some time. Think ‘long - term storage’ here with me for a second. Get the picture?

Stabilize your system of fuel as well, and many places can sell you XPS fuel stabilizer. Get it, use it and you are good to go. The next thing on this list that you are going to want to consider making happen is to potentially swap out that entire engine filter and its oil. Remember how you like to do your regular oil changes ( or at least, I hope so, he he he heh ) on your car from time to time? Same concept here. You can even look up a good BRP dealer and get a deal on a nice oil change kit ( XPS is my top choice for these, I will not lie —- look it up ) .

I do certainly hope this has helped, and you are at least more aware and prepared. DO NOT forget to winterize once the hot seasons are over.

And until next time,

Your insights guy,