Buick Skylark

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

There have been some Buick cars, in production and conception stages, that did not look to be beneficial for all parties involved. Thus they were halted. And they never got released.

The Buick Skylark, HOWEVER, was NOT one of those cars at all. As a matter of fact, it was a highly – sold, highly – successful car that released new models of itself for nearly 50 years ( 46 years, actually, truth be told, consisting of 6 production runs, which, if you ask me, is an extremely successful succession of releases ) . The value of the car went up and down, with the models and with the times…. some people liked some version or release of the car better than others, but each got to have their pick as many types came out. And did you know —- and this fact is for free, by the way…. you may not know this but I won’t charge you for sharing it, he he he heh —– that the name SKYLARK is actually the name for a bird? So yes, it was all named after a bird, a unique and interesting way to go when choosing a car – brand name, would you not agree so? Many fans of the Buick liked this special little touch and many still today like the name of Skylark and remember their fave model from that line of cars, he heh. I think that is very interesting. And Skylark just sounds cool, to me, like a simple breeze on a summer evening or something like that…. maybe you feel the same way, or to you, it sounds like something totally different but also still awesome? We can all agree or dis – agree on this, and there lies the beauty of multiple opinions and view – points, so let me know that you think!

Now, for model years, more specifically, let me break it down like this : first, we had those first 2in 1953 and 1954, followed by some more of these cars made from 1961 – 1972, and last but surely not least, by a long shot, we have those that came out from 1975 – 1998. Yup, so almost toward the start of a new millennium and a new generation, all in all, they were still making these cars! Talk about being productive and long – lasting, in a sense….

I myself remember being a kid and riding around in the face – lift version, as some call it, of the 1996 Skylark Sedan. We owned a green one, and then later, we traded it in for a white one. I still recall those moments with all the joy in the world. What can I say? I was a teen kid, and being able to go to places in that special car was something really unique, for me.

Anyways, if the Buick Skylark has made any kind of difference in your life, hopefully positive, share it with me here!