Yamaha EXR

Yamaha EXR review:

Meta: Do you want to buy an excellent PWC at an affordable range? Check out the features, pros, and cons of the Yamaha EXR now.

What is the most engaging, fun activity you have done in the summer? Well, I guess the beach vibes of the holidays are real. Besides sunbathing, swimming, and volleyball, can you name another activity that takes the vibes to another level?

Oh, yes! I can hear your thoughts! Perhaps there is no other activity more exciting than water riding. And to be honest, we all love it.

But do you know when the ride becomes even more enjoyable? Well, when elegance meets speed and strength. And that is precisely what brings me to the all-new Yamaha EXR. This personal watercraft amalgamates every feature that a rider can ever wish for. Let us dig into it a little more.

Yamaha EXR: An overview

The Yamaha EXR model comprises almost all the essential features for you to experience the most impressive ride ever! But you can understand that every product in the market comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Before purchasing one for yourself, please take a close look at all the features, pros, and cons. In this section, we are going to discuss all of them. Let us proceed.


One of the most acclaimed features of the Yamaha Exr jet ski is its engine. The 1049cc engine has made it easier and smoother for the riders. The three-cylinder four-stroke engine has made the personal watercraft even more suitable for long rides. Also, the manufacturers have claimed this remarkable 1049cc Yamaha TR-1 engine to feature the exclusive HO technology.

HO here stands for High output. So the company’s promise of 10% more powerful performance is not a joke. In fact, many riders from different areas of the world have claimed it to be true. And as a result of this HO technology, you are welcome to enjoy fantastic acceleration and top-notch speed from this watercraft.

Hull and deck:

The Yamaha EXR has brought to market one of the most innovative components while speaking of the hull and deck. The company has always prioritized the fantastic balance of user-friendly access of the jet ski along with the balancing factor of the same.

Keeping that in mind, the manufacturers have produced the all-new sporty and redesigned Yamaha EXR, which has improved the stability of the jet ski and the design and material of the deck and hull. The all-new design of the EXR model introduced NanoXcel2 material, which is lightweight yet strong enough to prevent any fiction. This material inclusion has made the watercraft even more agile and fun to ride.

RiDE system:

This feature of the Yamaha EXR has been anticipated the most. The RIDE system stands for Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics system. This feature enables the rider to control the PWC even more. The quick responsive control over the watercraft has been brought to the riders by the revolutionary RiDE® system.

And trust me, handling this system is super easy! It has transformed the control to another level. Simply pull the lever on the left side to reverse or slow down. And on the right-hand side, pull the lever to accelerate. So you see, how easy the control on PWC becomes?

Comfortable seating:

The Yamaha EXR has also incorporated the comfort factor here. The EXR model has introduced to us a comfortable and ergonomically designed seating. It is comfortable enough for a solo ride. Even the seat is large enough to support a ride with two passengers. The dual color seat is a precision-sewn one and comes with a premium comfort level that you might think is specially customized for you.


You must have been worrying regarding your essentials, for they can get wet while riding. And thankfully, this problem has been resolved by the manufacturers. They have added a large dry storage capacity area underneath the lift-up seat. So, you can comfortably keep all your essential items with you on board.

Wait, there’s more to it. Not only the spacious storage area, but the watercraft has also included a glove box that is large enough to hold some other materials, such as your towel, some garment, and some other things like that.

Pump extension:

Another feature for which this particular watercraft has been popularised is the extended pump. The 144 mm High-pressure pump of this jet ski is responsible for quick responses. And this feature aptly justifies the ‘R’ in the ‘EXR’ model that stands for ‘racing.’ This pump extension feature is added for people loving water sports. So if you are one of them, this is your prime choice.

LCD panel:

The Yamaha EXR cockpit is furthermore supported by the fantastic multifunctional LCD panel. This feature can not be expected at this much affordable price tag. Most other jet skids of the market have introduced this feature at a much higher budget. But with the exclusive Yamaha EXR, you are allowed to read the crystal clear screen for the speedometer, tachometer, and the hour run along with fuel capacity. Isn’t that amazing?




How fast does a Yamaha EXR go?

Since the Yamaha EXR is under the category of sports watercraft, you can expect a good pace and excellent acceleration from it. It can go as fast as 54 mph. All is accomplished by the grace of its excellent 110 hp engine.

Is the Yamaha EXR supercharged?

To be honest and straightforward, the answer will be no. However, this might be a minor flaw looking at its price and all other specifications.

How many hours will a 4-stroke jet ski last?

As the rule of thumb, a 2-stroke engine lasts for about 200-300 hours. Following that, a 400 stroke engine will probably last for about 500 to 600 hours.

Final thoughts:

Water sports are one of the most enjoyable activities one can ever indulge in. Observe what happens when strength and speed meet. And precisely that is the case with the Yamaha EXR. All the fantastic specs are a rider’s ultimate dreams. But well, the minor flaws that this specific watercraft has presented itself with have compelled some customers to give it negative reviews. However, the affordable price and the amazing specification can make you fall in love with this PWC.