Suzuki Ltr450

Founded in 1909, Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese company. It started as a weaving loom manufacturer and became a leading automotive producer over the years. Suzuki owns many popular automobiles, including racer ATVs, four-wheel drives, and motorcycles. It is one of the most sought-after automakers in the global market.

Suzuki LTR 450 is a racer ATV quad. It is a sports vehicle with a 450cc robust engine, wonderful suspension, and stylish looks. LTR 450 is known as QuadRacer LT-R450. It was released in 2006 and had noteworthy features. This racer ATV is also useful in the trails and woods.

Let’s read about Suzuki LTR 450 in detail and understand why it ruled the 2000s effortlessly.

Know More about Suzuki LTR 450 QuadRacer

LTR 450 is an integral part of GNCC and ATV motocross racing scenarios. Dustin Wimmer won back-to-back championships of the AMA Pro ATV Motocross by driving Suzuki LTR 450. Furthermore, Chris Borich (a factory Suzuki rider) won a GNCC championship on this beauty. Suzuki LTR 450 entered the list of award winners with apparent ease. The ATV quad is ready to hit the racing tracks the instant it’s out of the factory.

Suzuki produced LTR 450 from 2006 to 2010. The manufacturer didn’t come out with the latest version despite the rumors in 2014. Fortunately, you can buy a used LTR 450 quad for about $3000 (in mint condition) or less. Upgrading and customizing the vehicle is no issue, either. You can have a super racer ATV on your hands by spending less than the price of a brand new 450cc ATV.

LTR 450 has a purpose-built engine and long-travel suspension. Doug Gust, a famous racer, was a part of the ATV’s machine-building and research team. Suzuki wanted the best racer ATV in with 450cc category and succeeded too. LTR 450 QuadRacer can pretty much deliver on any track. Steep slopes, muddy roads with holes, GNCC wooded trails, etc., are just another route for the ATV.

Another plus point of LTR 450 is its smooth throttle responsiveness. Contrary to its competitors in the category, it doesn’t have sudden bursts of power. The ride will be smooth, stable, and consistent while generating the necessary power to lift the front tires off the ground. You’ll have more control over the ATV quad even when you touch the top speed of 74 mph.

Trims and Models

Suzuki released a few trims and models of LTR 450 during the production run. You can buy the basic model for $1500 but have to shell out around $4500 or more for the customized LTR 450s. If you’re lucky enough, you might even find a street-legal LTR 450. Cool, right?

Suzuki made many changes to the 2007 model (we’ll read more about this in the coming sections). Lucky for you (again), this model is easy enough to find offline. You just need to do some groundwork. The online marketplaces have more of the 2006 and 2009 models.

Here’s a list of LTR 450s released by Suzuki from 2006 to 2010. The manufacturer sold this ATV quad outside the US for two more years after it stopped production in the country.

Specifications of Suzuki LTR 450 QuadRacer

The Kayaba adjustable shocks and hydraulic disc brakes work perfectly. You don’t have to take the impact of rough roads or risk running into a tree. The light steering and bold design make Suzuki LTR 450 a must-have ATV for racers.

Engine, Ignition, and Transmission

Suzuki LTR 450 has a 450cc liquid-cooled four-stroke DOHC engine with a compression ratio of 11.7:1, a bore-stroke ratio of 3.76*2.47 inches, and 41 horsepower. It has an electronic CDI ignition and an electric starter. There’s a triple-phase AC generator to power the lights, apart from a 12V battery. LTR 450 has a manual five-speed transmission with a constant mesh-return system. It is operated using the left foot. There is no reverse gear.

Brakes, Suspension, and Tires

It has dual hydraulic disc brakes on the front and a single hydraulic disc brake on the rear. The front and rear shocks are adjustable and make the ride smoother. LTR 450 has suspension enclosed in a backbone steel frame with long travel. The front double-wishbone and rear swingarm suspension are positioned to balance the center of gravity of the ATV and contribute to wheel travel.

Build, Design, and Exterior

High-tensile steel is used for the body frame. Suzuki continued to use the same material to ensure high-quality vehicles that can sustain the rough riding on off-road racer tracks. Doug Gust helped in perfecting the riding position in LTR 450. It has a T-shaped handle, a light and easy steering wheel, and footpegs.

The footpegs can be a bit uncomfortable, depending on your height. You might feel that the ATV quad is heavier at the top, but it’s a minor issue. Suzuki LTR 450 is available in champion yellow and white colors, while the limited editions are black (with and without graphics). The 49-inch width is an advantage and a disadvantage. It is perfect for racing but a little too much for casual riding.

The 2007 Model and Improvements

Most improvements made to Suzuki LTR 450 are internal and cannot be noticed at a glance.

The manufacturer increased the top speed from 74 mph to 78 mph. It also changed the parts of the suspension for a smoother ride.

The front and rear shocks came with Toshima coating to handle the impact of riding in the air and landing on hard and uneven grounds.

The manufacturer installed the ECM Logics System to monitor the speed, RPM, and throttle. It measures and adjusts the controls to improve traction.

Suzuki hasn’t made many changes to the body design for LTR 450. And why should it anyway? The manufacturer took care to get it right the first time. It looks bold and stylish but is also easy to maintain. Regular changing of oils, cleaning, and chain adjustments are enough to keep it in good condition.

Unlike other racer ATVs, you don’t have to work hard to access the battery box or other components. The plastic body frame is easy to remove. The chain guard is made of steel instead of plastic to increase its durability. No wonder LTR 450 can survive the toughest of racing and emerge victorious.

Potential Upgrades for Suzuki LTR 450

Do you want to upgrade your LTR 450 to increase its performance? Professional riders prefer to contact Yoshimura and Hinson Racing for assistance. Both companies played a vital role in developing and rebuilding the ATV quad to meet the racing standards. They’ll help determine the upgrades and attachments based on your requirements. For example:

You can change the gears and tires depending on where you plan to use the Suzuki LTR 450. Motocross racing needs different tires compared to GNCC tracks. While the stock tires can still deliver on GNCC tracks, you’ll maximize the performance by replacing them with taller tires.

Final Words

Suzuki LTR 450 is famous among racers not just because of its performance but also the price. Don’t spend more money on a 4*4 when you can own an LTR 450 QuadRacer. That said, it is not exactly an affordable ATV quad but is worth the price if you want a sturdy and reliable racer for different tracks.