Sea-Doo Spark Intake Grate Removal

Sea - Doo Spark intake grate removal By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Want to pull out the intake grate but not get your hands dirty? Well, I can’t promise you that will happen, he he heh, unless you get a shop pro who is trained to do the job to actually pull it and re – install another for you. But that can be such a money – sucking, wallet – drying pain when you really think about it all, and if funds are a little bit tight ( we have all been there, ha ha ) , then you can perhaps just listen to the sound of my voice…. or picture what my voice might sound like, as I guide you through the process of doing this for yourself, like a big boy ( or a big girl ) …..

First of all, keep reading as I mentally guide you. I hope to help. Let us start with this ; you have to get through the tricky part of actually unscrewing the bolts as your first step, and in most cases that I have seen, this is not fun or easy, starting out…. but of course, you can do it and my faith lies with you. The intake grate’s bolts are found where in the heck, you might ask? They are right under the engine, so you will have to get down in there, in a comfy squatting or lying – back position, and take a close look ( make sure that you have plenty of proper lighting down there as well…. bring a flash – light with ya as you drop down into there, in case you are in a closed garage or such as it can get a little hard to see these parts from down there ) .

Take those bolts off. Yay…. but we’re not done yet. Now, pull out the grate. It can be so hard to pull out since, 9 times out of 10, there’s a bunch of adhesive on it, a safety protocol tacked on by the manufacturers…. so if your hands get a little sticky from the residue, remember that it’s not the end of the world and you can still wash them in warm, soap with water just later. It should come off your hands easily after rinsing and scrubbing through. No biggie there.

And if you just so happen to find yourself a more ‘visual learner’, like I find myself being, he heh, then do not stress yourself out —- this video right here ought to show you what this process of removing the intake grate actually ought to look like, step by step —- Easy removal of Seadoo intake grate. - YouTube

Yet two things can happen, which can be very risky, when you try to remove the intake grate by yourself and without the careful hands and eyes of a pro :