Suzuki Motor Company – More History

Suzuki is one of the most popular names in the automobile industry; though, people seldom make the efforts to inform themselves about the corporation. Based in JSuzuki Suzulightapan, Suzuki Motor Corporation has over forty-five thousand employees and thirty-five production facilities in twenty-three countries. Given that Suzuki has been so overwhelmingly successful, it can never hurt to be knowledgeable about what Suzuki Corporation is, and what it does.

Suzuki Motor Company – Rise to Fame

It all began with Michio Suzuki. While the current chairman of the company is called Osamu Suzuki, the corporation began with the intention of creating better Looms. When we hear the name “Suzuki”, we either Suzuki Vintagethink of motors or we think of David Suzuki. It isn’t often that we relate Suzuki to textile manufacturing; however, that’s exactly how they began.

By 1939, Suzuki had completed several prototypes. The company reached a barrier during World War II, when they had to pause their production because their cars were deemed to be “non-essentially commodities”. When they were given permission to resume production, Suzuki Corporation continued making Looms, which are devices used to create cloth and tapestry. This became especially useful because Loom production was boosted with the trade deal between Japan and the US, which approved the shipping of cotton between these two countries. When the cotton market collapsed in, 1951, however, Suzuki took a hit.Suzuki Loom

This caused the corporation to begin making motor vehicles once again. After World War II, the Japanese needed effective, and affordable, means of transportation. Suzuki became the solution to the problem and by 1954, the company was producing over five thousand cars per month.

Suzuki Company Today

Suzuki is now recognized as being one of the leading manufacturers in the following two dealing networks: cars and motorcycles. With over thirty-five thousand employees, there is always someone available to help you when you need it. No matter what you’re looking for, there is no doubt a vehicle or style for your needs.

Suzuki is currently the fourth largest automaker in Japan, falling right behind Honda. It is not based solely in Japan, though, because just under half of its sales occur outside of Japan. IT is also incredibly well-known and respected in both Europe and the United States.

The company owes its overall success to its engines, which are of extremely high quality, and are versatile in the sense that one can easily find a car or motorcycle that will suit his or her needs.

Fun fact: GM has a 20% stake of Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Incredible Success Story

Suzuki Motor Corporation is known around the world for its incredible success story. While the corporation may have started as a textile manufacturing company, Suzuki has come a long, long way since then. Once producing Looms to accommodate for the growing need of textile manufacturers, Suzuki has transformed into the fourth largest automaker in Japan. If you’re looking for either a new car or a new motorcycle, then be sure to turn to your closest dealer of Suzuki Motors so that you can spice your life up!

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