How Much Does a 90 HP Outboard Motor Cost?

Author : Efrain Silva

How Much Does a 90 HP Outboard Motor Cost?

When thinking about your very next hp outboard motor and making it at least within the range of 90 hp, you are looking at an appx. Price of $10,263, all in all. Of course, to this price, you could give or take a few dollars. Yet the base figure, for the most part, is here. Geez — you could buy a small house for that amount of money.


The price per unit itself is around $40, so think about that, too. Such a listed final price has been taken from the averages of all major brands like Suzuki, Evinrude, Honda, Mercury and several others. Now, for some, it is surely worth the cost and they like the thrill of zipping past the other boats on the high waters and disappearing into the sunset. Instant starts and powered propelling are what hp like this can give you, along with the true sense of being (or feeling) in control when taking the waves. Some have even gone further and elected to get the 250 hp outboard motor, instead, on several of their boats, costing them around $22,000 (the exact quoted average figure, as last posted online as of July 2020, was $21,814.50).

90 HP Outboard Motor Cost?

90 hp, on the other hand, is just right for most folks. It is not too much power and not too little, either ; you will certainly, for the $10 K you just paid, not have to worry about stalling out and revving up properly and similar basic issues. You will have a strong throttle and good speed control at all times, in most cases. For starters, on the other hand, 50 - 60 hp is the best hp to start out at until they feel more comfortable with the whole thing and can start saving up for the upgrade.

Also, assume, for example, that you’ve got a decent pontoon boat and only you and maybe 1 - 2 other people are on it with you. That doesn’t add too much weight to the overall motor (if you are all within a decent weight range, respectively), so you can expect to usually get moving at about 22 mph. That’s the optimal speed, anyways, as just a side note. And it is what most people have.

You can get the motor itself for as low as $90 - $100, in some instances, and then just add the hp to it as you go along. You can make all kinds of additions and upgrades to your boat, but that quality 90 hp is well worth a bigger investment at the $10K mentioned. It can let you go faster, give you more thrust, protect you from basic issues and offer something of quality, all in all, each time you go on the water. And is that not the point of the upgrade, I should dare to ask?

So if you can, make the upgrade. Pull what you have out of that special savings account. Make it worth your while in 90 hp.