Sea-Doo Spark Upgrades

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you are getting serious about upgrading, then the first little piece of joy I want to bring to your heart is that, with the Spark itself, there are literally SO many frickin’ things you can adjust, mod – out and upgrade or update, all in all. The sky is the limit here. You will literally, more than likely, have a hard time choosing WHICH to upgrade with so many things that can be changed, swapped apart or simply tuned up. Now, the first that I want to bring to your mind is that of none other than a stage kit. Now, this is for getting better performance, all in all, and who would be against that, right? I’d think no one in their right mind ever would! We all want to get the most out of our Sparks.

You can get these on Amazon, on the main Sea – Doo site, or even at local places like Bass Pro Shops, if they are carrying enough in stock. If you are going to look around online first, and try to get the best price – deal, then I suggest looking at the brand by the name of Riva Racing, which is a super – trusted one when it comes to making these stage kits ( in terms of stage kits, some brands will either be a total success or a total bust…. and they must have a good review online…. as not everyone can make these products just right, but Riva Racing is a specialist at this —- they hold my fullest trust and have never let me down ) .

What else should you think heavily on when you want a serious upgrade? Well, how about a grate or intake grate, at that? These are for cutting corners more easily, and not dropping speed as you do so, and those neat little tricks that you can do once you get really good and start to master your Spark’s abilities, he heh. I KNOW you have been dreaming of it, my friend, as have I. These items direct water to your intake and they are a nice add – on to have, a solid upgrade for anyone serious. Or if you have one put in already, you could think about changing it if it’s been more than a couple years…. either way, a great way to upgrade the Spark.

And next up on my short little list, we have the one and only impeller mod, one of my favorites to think about, buy and talk to you about! What is so cool about an impeller mod upgrade is simply the fact that you can get an extra couple miles per hour faster with one in. No joke. This’ll help your top speed get just a little higher. Bring out your wild side and go a little faster, for once!

I hope you will think about any, or heck, all, of these upgrades.