Sea-Doo Spark Vs GTI

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Let me put it out like this, and I hope you will come to see it as I do ( but if not, we’re still buddies for life, you guys…. he he he heh ) : If you are a younger and more sporty, more playfully exuberant and less serious / grounded or luxury – minded sort of person, then what I would 100 % suggest you get for yourself ( beyond a shadow of a doubt that should ever creep in, as I like to say, ha ha ) would be the Spark. It is even lighter, too, if you don’t like to have to be lugging around something heavy or loading / un – loading as uneasily. Yet on that note, the GTI, however, is more stable and “rooted” to the ground ( or should I say water, he he he heh, but you know what I mean, silly gooses ) , more firm and un – shakable ( also helpful if you happen to run into a storm or massive waves out of control, which can sometimes sneak up on you while you on the waters and catch you off – guard ) . Also, if you like to pay just a bit less and are not as fully invested into a jet ski, per say ( and we can be honest here, guys…. I will not judge you for it if you tell me that, he he he heh…. I was once in the same boat myself when I had a whole heck of a lot less cash to blow… get it? Same “boat”? Ah, my puns ) . That is okay.

In times of modes, per say, I do prefer the GTI myself as it has 3 unique ones that really blow me away ( in a literal sense sometimes, if you know what I mean…. sometimes I can get that thing to go really fast on me —- there is Sport Mode, the quickest and my fave of all faves ; there is ECO Mode ; and there is Touring Mode, last but sure not least ) . The Sport Mode on the GTI is far better than the one on the Spark, in my own personal opinion ( and I welcome objectives, he he he heh ) . Do you object to that, or would you agree? Either way, like I said, still buddies here, best of pals….

Ooh, and did I almost commit the big mistake of not telling you my fave part about the GTI, as opposed to the Spark ( the biggest advantage it has over it, I would say ) ? If I forget to tell you, then what a bad boy I am. Shame on me! It’s this : The GTI has a bigger engine!

So YOU decide — do you want to pay more for something of more quality, more grounded and stable, with a little more power? Or are you more young and sporty?