Axle Stands

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Axle stands are made for lifting your car up in time of need, and you can either lift up a single side of the car and its wheel area at once, using a single axle stand ; or you can place a full 4 axle stands all around the car to get the whole vehicle lifted up altogether. It depends on what you want, and need, to do here, so to speak. So in this regard, I find axle stands super useful and worth my time…. to talk about now!

So first of all, whether you have something as small as a mini – cooper or even something as big as a full – bed pickup truck, an axle stand can work. You just need to check the max weight or load – bearing capacity on it to ensure you have the right size, and all in all, type, of axle stand. This can tell you on the main label or box, and you can always ask the place selling it, too, just to be extra sure you have got one that will work for you.

Do your research on the web, no less. Be prepared. Study up. And before doing all that, read me! That’s right —- read what I say, right here! Don’t skip this page, you guys. The info found here can help you all out and only takes a minute or two to comb through. So on we go….

Now, then, when it all comes down to the issue of how long to leave the car you are working on, right on that axle stand, opinions can vary. It depends on the length of work you are doing, how efficient or knowledgeable you are at it, and also how properly you have managed to position ( and also secure in proper place ) the axle stand ( s ) under the car. A good 24 hours, or a full day, in other words, is typically fine in most cases…. as most of the time, the quick – fixes needed are just minor. But if you need to be doing something like engine swap – outs or gear – box changes, for instance, then this will take a lot longer —– and you may notice that that’s why some mechanic pros often take weeks…. sometimes even as long as 3 months, with the car sitting up there on those axle stands. So for these purposes, it is acceptable to leave it up there for that long ( ensuring that things remain tight and secure all throughout the process ) .

If you want a visual, just to be extra safe, then I don’t blame you : I am a visual learner myself. So in this case, I urge you to go You Tube – style on things. Check out the many vids there on You Tube. Learn by watching the many pros who do this, and subscribe to their channels.