Rix Motors

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

You may have heard of Rick’s Motors, depending on where you live, but have you, in fact, heard of RIX MOTORS? That is what I am going to share on today. Stay here!

Now, then, first off, I would like to point out that this business is located in Warrington, England, a truly proud UK establishment that has a good reputation to its locals there. And it has made google ranks, as well. You can see their page, their reviews on google or yelp, and much more online. This business really kicks up some steam, these days, as people in the US, like me and my friends, are now even aware of it. So I thought it would be good to make a blog on this business and maybe teach you some other things on searching, as I like to do, all at the same time…. mainly telling you what I noticed and some other things to consider ( as we in the US perhaps do not even think about or know of, he he he he heh ) . Let us see how much I can squeeze into this basic page, now, shall we? And you know that I like to keep things interesting as well, my faithful readers, so that I promise to do also….. now let us begin on the topic…..

Rix Motors rates at nearly 5 stars, just slightly on the high side of 4, you could say. And that accounts for almost 700 reviews from google alone ( 688, exactly, as I write this page up ) . On a google search, you can come to see tons of photos of their outdoor show rooms, as well as some of their indoor ones, and their stock, all in all. You can also see a bit of the surrounding location, and did you know this? In some images on google, you can even zoom in to see yourself moving around in that area, so to speak…. or giving yourself a virtual, guided tour ( at your own leisure, as you guide it along, he he he heh, which is the best part ) of the nearby vicinity and the exterior of the building. I did not know this until about a couple years ago, when I really played around with the “street view” feature of google and google maps… and I also learned of google earth, a free site and service by google in which you can even zoom in to any place from outside, on the globe, and see a satellite or live / up – close view of it. How cool is that?

Anyways, that’s what I did with Rix Motors. And when I rented a car in England, I googled them and saw their vicinity area first. I saw the major cross – streets and learned what was near, and even where to best come in from or park. Good experience.