Yamaha VX-C

Meta: Tow Sports and riding are simpler than ever. Look at these astonishing features of the Yamaha VX-C to ride like a pro!

What can be the most fun activity you can indulge in in summer? The first name that might cross your mind can be water riding and water sports. It can be the most adventurous activity you can ever imagine. Speaking of water sports, the most vital thing will be a Personal Watercraft. When the PWC amalgamates strength and speed, well, that is when you see the magic happening on board.

Speaking of which, we came across one of the most famous models of Yamaha, which is The Yamaha VX-C jet ski. This specific PWC has fantastic features. And if you get to know the specifications closely, you are bound to fall in love. Let us know more.

Yamaha VX-C: An overview

Undoubtedly, the Yamaha VX-C is one of the finest jet skis ever produced by the company. But as you can understand that no product comes flawless, this specific jet ski also has some disadvantages. Before purchasing one for yourself, it is always better to look at all the features, pros, and cons for a better insight. So here are the detailed features discussed for you.


One of the most anticipated features of almost all the Yamaha models is their robust engine. Likewise, this particular Personal Watercraft is not exceptional. It has done proper justice to the company’s reputation while speaking of engines. The Yamaha VX-C comes with a 3-cylinder 4-stroke engine. Furthermore, it is a lightweight TR-1 marine engine that provides you excellent fuel economy. The 1049 cc engine has been praised by lots of riders for its smooth performance with fantastic acceleration.


The manufacturers of the Yamaha VX-C have not forgotten the comfort factor here. Every rider in the world does want their water ride to be of super comfort and ease. And precisely for that reason, all the Yamaha models have created their jet ski seats in the most convenient way. Likewise, the seat of the Yamaha VX-C has also taken the convenience to another level. The ergonomically created seat can be enough for a solo ride. And it is large enough for a leisurely ride with three people. Hence you do not have to worry about being comfortably seated on the board.

Hull and deck:

The Yamaha jet skis have been appreciated and hyped about one of the features the most. And that is their superior quality hull and deck. Both design and material of these have been praised for their excellence. Likewise, the Yamaha VX-C has aced the hull and deck department. The hull is made from the durable NanoXcel material, and has been designed in such a way that tow sporting and stable riding are more accessible than ever.

The deck has introduced to us improved ergonomics with broader and deeper footwells. The latter is made from the corrosion-resistant lightweight material, SMC. Both the materials are so light yet rigid that the jet ski has been more fun and agile to ride.


Another most innovative feature that this vehicle has shown is its storage capacity. You must have been worrying about carrying your essential items on board because they can be wet, right? Thankfully, this giant jet ski has come up with a solution. It has one of the largest storage areas of the market. The impressive and large enough storage area underneath the hooded seat is enough to carry all your essentials.

Besides, the personal watercraft is equipped with a deep and broad glove box that can easily hold your cameras and phones. You can even take some cold drinks, snacks, and sunglasses if you wish. Most of the Yamaha PWC never disappoint you while it comes to storage. Likewise, this one also has attracted some fan following due to the same reason.

Tow hook:

Who does not love tow sports? Well, I am sure everyone does. And keeping that in mind, the manufacturers of this particular jet ski have introduced a strong tow hook attached to the jet ski. With this, you are allowed to attach the tow rope and enjoy water sports.




How fast is the Yamaha VX C?

The speed of a jet ski depends upon many factors. The engine is, of course, essential for pace. But apart from that, one needs to understand that keeping the jet ski intact is necessary. Otherwise, your PWC might show some difficulties at the beginning only. That being said, the Yamaha VX-C is one of the finest jet skis ever produced. It can go as fast as 53 mph.

Is the Yamaha VX Cruiser HO supercharged?

One might find a few variants of the Yamaha VX Cruiser. And all of the models come from the same 125 hp 1049cc four-stroke engines. But they are not supercharged. However, the supreme quality VX Cruise of 1812 cc engine comes with an HO engine, but it is also non-supercharged.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha VX Limited have?

A Yamaha VX Limited has a 125 hp engine that provides smooth operation on board.

Final thoughts:

Since the time it came to the market, Yamaha has been viewed as one of the dependable brands. Each and every item from their makers will undoubtedly be super reliable. Following the company’s trend, the Yamaha VX-C model has brought to us some remarkable features that have effectively drawn in many fan followings. Yet, a few cons are there without a doubt. However, looking at all the other energizing elements and the reasonable price, one should consider the disadvantages minor. So you may give this PWC a shot.

Best of luck.