Yamaha ATV - Is the 2018 Kodiak 700 the Best?

Author : Efrain Silva

In terms of the “best”, much could be said in favor of yay or nay, when it’s all been said and done. The final determination or label will have to be made by you, buyer. After all, they say beauty is only found in the beholder’s eye, but nonetheless, let me share with you some truths that may help inform your train of thought….

Yamaha ATV - Is the 2018 Kodiak 700 the Best?

First and foremost of all, the 2018 Yamaha Kodiak 700 is highly remarkable, and this cannot be denied by countless customers and even competitors alike. It has taken much of the other competitors’ business, by storm, to only say the very least ; and, in fact, new prospect customers buy one every single day of the month, and its popularity only soars more and more. Why is this? Well, it’s not only because it’s been made by the fabulous Yamaha brand, which makes exceptional motorsport vehicles at doable prices, but it’s also because this vehicle resembles the Big Grizzly and much more.

In fact, there are several reasons to praise it, by its very nature, another being that it gives you one of the smoothest rides (even on the toughest of terrain turns) you can possibly hope for. If you’ve got your wife riding next to you, she won’t mess up her hair, and you can be thankful. Go through some tough dirt roads — I dare you — and know that the bump on your side of things won’t be too bad. You will barely even feel anything at all, so you can enjoy the ride all the more.

And unlike others that have a very complicated - looking dashboard front and display, this one is quite simple and easy to explore. Even a child can be explained how to use it or navigate it — no, seriously, I taught my 11 - year - old girl this the other day. This product’s a keeper. And to further add, it’s got cast aluminum wheels all around, which only further enhance its performance overall (and don’t make its visual appeal too bad at all either, in my opinion and taste).

The standard color for this product is blue, and it’s the one buyers tend to go with the most….blue looks good anywhere and on anything, for the most part, especially when thinking about riding around in a sports motor vehicle all day long. Also, the 4 - stroke engine here is of 686 cc, not to mention it’s liquid - cooled and SOHC. All in all, the average seat height, you will easily find, goes up to nearly 34 inches, which means anyone can get on it and let the good times begin!

My dear friends, did I even stop to mention that max fuel capacity stops right up there at 4.8 gallons? That is one of the best parts (clumsy me for not mentioning it first, heh heh). What this means is that, simply put, you won’t have to stop and get gas all the time, or at least as often as you usually do.