Is It Easy To Go Kart?

If you can play video – games, then you can go kart just as easily, more or less…. at least, that is what several people have told me in the past. And in my particular case, I did find this to be true in every sense. I am very coordinated and have always been ; I have been great at sports, driving ( a regular car, a golf kart, a lawn mower, a jet ski, a motorcycle and yes… even a go kart, he he he heh heh ) , math, video – games, social games and so much else. Hand – eye coordination has always been a blessing for me, and something that has always seemed to come to me as easily as breathing. So that is why I say that if you can hand – eye coordinate yourself well, then that is just half the battle. And why do I say ‘half’? Well….

Being gifted with coordination is just one thing : However, being bold and having no restricting anxieties is another. Believe it or not, I was once actually quite —- of speaking to people I don’t know and making new friends, of trying out new tasty dishes or even terrifying roller coasters, and of even knowing my ver own limits when it came to things. I would often have panic attacks and get just antsy when it came to the thought of trying out a very scary roller coaster at the theme park ( even when my friends would call my “chicken” at hearing this, he heh ) . I had the same nerves kick in when I first drove go karts ( heck, even when I first got my permit to drive a regular car and went on the road for the first time, with my dad next to me in the passenger seat…. gently talking me through it, he he heh heh ) .

So we’ve considered you being a well – coordinated person. We’ve also considered you being a brave person and mastering any initial nerves or hesitations ( that will come naturally, like with anything else you are learning to do for your first time ) . But what have we not considered yet? Well, there is always the aspect of CONTROL. Yes, do you have tendencies toward road rage, like if someone cuts you off unexpectedly? ( Test yourself : Do you get “gamer rage” and shoot the players in front of you? )

If you can coordinate well, don’t get overly jittery, and can control yourself, you can go kart drive.