Can A Car Run Without A Oil Filter?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Unsure of what type of oil – filter you need? Consult your auto dealer or the Kelly Blue Book online for more information ( it offers insight for every type of car there is, and is super handy ) . But what you should NOT do, my friend, is to run your car WITHOUT an oil – filter ( due to laziness to look up the brand and model of filter you need, or to put one on, etc ) . Because doing so, I will tell you …. straight up – front and honest, will put UN – NEEDED STRESS ON THE CAR …. in tons, actually. In just 30 minutes of running your car without such a filter, you can cause more damage to all kinds of internal ( and even a few external ) engine and transmission components.

It’s not worth running it without its proper oil – filter. This WILL ( guaranteed to do so, in a matter of minutes, even ) shorten the life – span of your engine, all in all. It will do so drastically and without mercy. Perhaps the only time that anyone should be allowed to get away with committing such an atrocity ( he he eh heh ) would be in the rare case of a true emergency … say, perhaps, that you are stranded out in the middle of nowhere on a road trip and NEED to make it out to the next town, which you know is miles away. But you will not survive ( and neither will the other passengers in your car ) unless you get out of that blazing, scorching heat and find some water, some food and other resources to help you get your car fixed. Then, in such an instance, it’s okay to run that car without its oil – filter and get as far as you can possibly make it.

Or perhaps your wife is delivering a baby right on the spot, and you are just minutes away from a local hospital who can help give the birth. Would you stop by an auto shop and buy an oil – filter and put it in? Probably not, right? There is a more pressing emergency at hand, and it requires your immediate attention …. a new life form is about to come into this world, of course, and that will be your newborn boy or girl …. the oil – filter, in this case, can and will wait.

So, only in such emergencies …. but in all other cases, get that oil – filter in there. If your engine or car is older, that can be another rare exception ( as some of these never had oil – filters, in the first place ) . Just keep all that in mind.

The way that original cars were designed and built was without oil – filters ( oh, those horrible old times of the past, he he he heh …. ) .