Is a Go-Kart a car?

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

A go kart is not a car and here is why : A car is labeled as a car in many places, for being what it is, such as an SUV, a hatch - back, a large pick - up truck, a small compact car, etc. As far as I have ever known, and I did do extra research, a go kart still does not fall under this category of classification. HOWEVER, and this should really make you smile, he heh, that does NOT mean that a go kart CAN NOT do several things that a car can do…. in fact, there are so many dang things that a main - stream, branded car can do that a go kart can also mimic, and one of those things is getting up to some really, really, really, really, really ( see how many times I write this, for emphasis, he heh he heh ) high speeds…. like 120 mph ( in certain 2 - stroke ones, for instance ) or even 75 mph ( which is basic minimum high - way speed in many places, once you think about it, he he he heh…. ever ridden your go kart on the highway? Another thought for another time, but I will, no less, throw it out there and leave it on your mind for later ) .

Certain go karts, like the Honda Odessey go kart, the first one that came to mind when I thought of this ( he he heh ) are also branded by car brands, or in other words, made and distributed by the same major manufacturer…. in this case, like Honda. See what I mean? And with that said and taken to heart, it is now, thus, as a matter of fact, easier to tell from which people make the confusing jump to conclusions in saying that a go kart is a car. But let me tell you what else the two have in common, since I did start to bring it up and talk on it first …..

Now, then, fuel —– that is another thing that both cars and go karts can have in common. Some go karts, for instance, can take octane 87 fuel, much like the one that you would fuel - up a car with. Is that not interesting enough? Well, then I’ll tell you this, to go along with that thought : Both cars and go karts ( at least the gas ones and not the electric ones, he he heh ) hold a fuel - capacity tank something on the side of their many body, in most cases. And so yes, both require a usual fill - up as well as constant maintaining…. you may not only have to change gas but also oil, and try to change out filters for that oil, too ( for both cars and certain karts, but it all depends on the model you have ) .