Kosmic Kart

Kosmic Kart is a go-kart manufacturing brand that has managed to carve a niche for itself on the map of the racing industry. The go-karts are known for their high performance, technology, and design.

This article will give you a brief overview of the brand and its products and discuss why it is so popular.

What is Kosmic Kart?

The brainchild of an Italian manufacturer, Kosmic Kart quickly rose to the top amongst the leaders of competitive karting brands. Owned by the OTK Kart Group, Kosmic Kart was founded in 1996 and has since achieved international success and fame.

Kosmic Kart not only focuses on the technical and performance aspects of its karts but also manages to stand out amongst others owing to its beautiful signature bold blue and fuchsia graphics.

All the parts and accessories benefit from the highest quality standards of the OTK Kart Group. The manufacturing units are based in Prevalle, Italy, where the focus is laid on the design and production process. All the kart models come with a setup guide that enables the drivers to reap the best out of their karts.

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The brand continuously evolves to stay at par with the latest trends and technologies. The karts have recently upgraded their features. Here is a quick view of their latest technological and design aspects:


The go-karts from Kosmic Karts have a striking blue color with a brilliant fuchsia hue. The contrasting shades make these karts instantly recognizable on the race track and highly uplift the brand image. The brand has not made many changes to its appearance, and its vibrant karts are loved across the globe.


The base frame or the chassis of the kart is the same, but the brand has made efficient upgrades on the braking system, fuel cell, floor tray, wheel, and others. So, the design of the kart is more or less the same as that of the previous karts.

Braking System

Earlier, the karts had the BS7 braking system. In the newer models, BS7 was replaced by SA3. This new braking system has a one-piece braking pump that uses the same internal hardware as the previous model. However, the front disc’s size has been increased by 4mm to increase longevity and to offer a better feel to the driver. The brake pads are not changed.

The newer models also have SA2, replacing the earlier BS6. The changes include a new one-piece braking pump that uses the same internal parts as the previous model. However, the rear caliper is the same as compared to the older model with a 180mm or 206mm brake disc. The brake pads are not changed here as well.

Fuel Cell

The newer models have been upgraded for easier refueling. The inlet and the vent lines are now placed on the same side as the brake side. This allows for better routing of the fuel pipe to the engine.

Steering Wheel

The new steering wheel has the same ergonomics as the one designed in 2012. Still, it has an additional adhesive-type material to enable the driver to manipulate the chassis easily during the race without getting tired.

Floor Tray

The earlier models had two flanking points near the front ‘hoop’ bend. The newer models have only one center mounting point. The two flanking points are replaced with rubber buffers to allow the floor tray to float, thereby providing better efficiency to the chassis.

Adjustable Pedal

An entirely new pedal system has been added to the newer models that cannot be altered in the existing models. The new adjustable pedal enables the driver to get better control of the pedal position without having to make any amends to the chassis.

The new pedal system is molded to the surface in such a way that it enables better brake control and throttle for the driver.

These new technical upgrades have been done on the new Mercury R model and also on the new Mini Rookie 2020. The Kosmic Kart products are an excellent choice for racers who want a unique design with the best functionality.

Trail of Victories in the Past with Kosmic Kart Products

Kosmic Kart has many feathers to its crown and has led to many prestigious victories in the past with its unique go-karts.

The most coveted victory was the CIK-FIA World Championship single-speed premier class in 2015. This victory branded the company as a real leader in this industry.

Kosmic’s Mercury R was driven by Freddie Slater in the OK-Junior kart racing and the duo bagged an international title in the October 2021 series. Kosmic Mercury R won the trophy of the Champions of the Future in the OK-j class.

Kosmic Mercury R also achieved success at the continental level. During the occasion of the Champions of the Future and FIA Karting European Championship, Freddie Slater bagged the first prize in the OK-j class and also in the second round of the WSK Euro Series.

These are some of the most coveted victories with Kosmic Kart’s go-karts.


Kosmic Karts are a great choice for racers who are seeking a highly functional engine with a world-class design. The company has achieved many international victories in the racing sport with its extremely well-made go-karts.

The Kosmic Kart brand is owned by the OTK Kart Group. This Italian company manufactures all the products of this brand, first launched in 1996.

CRG karts are good for beginners in the racing sport. The karts have a more flexible moly tubing as compared to the other adult karts on the market. The added flexibility enables the driver to get better at maneuvering the chassis with practice.

Final Thoughts

Kosmic Kart is a racer’s dream come true! The go-karts manufactured by this brand rank high in design and functionality. These karts have led racers to victory in many international competitions.