Honda Pioneer 1000

Honda is a popular automobile manufacturer across the globe. The brand has various two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the market. From scooters to motorbikes to ATVs, UTVs, and more, Honda continues to be a dominant brand in the international market.

Honda Pioneer is an example of the brand’s excellent reputation. It is a dependable UTV preferred by many users for its versatility and ease of use. If you want a side x side three/ five-seater for off-road use, Honda Pioneer is the one for you. It comes in multiple models and trims to suit the different requirements of the users.

We shall read about Honda Pioneer 1000 in detail and look at the differences between the 2021 and 2022 models.

All about Honda Pioneer 1000

Honda Pioneer 1000 comes in four versions- Deluxe, EPS, Forest, and Trail and is available with three and five seats. The five seaters are indicated by the number 5 beside the model name. As the name suggests, the versions are exclusively designed for specific use. This makes it easier to buy the right Pioneer for your requirements.

Honda Pioneer 1000 is a solid UTV with a powerful engine, great suspension, fuel economy, and many attractive features. From storage to wheelbase to load capacity, Pioneer 1000 has everything you want in a UTV. Furthermore, it doesn’t require too much maintenance or repairs. Honda yet again lives up to its reputation of giving the utmost importance to quality and durability.

Pioneer boasts a 999cc liquid-cooled four-stroke parallel-twin Unicam engine with four valves per cylinder. It has automatic DCT transmission with six speeds. You can make a seamless switch between 2WD and 4WD (wheel drive), depending on the terrain.

Honda uses the i-4WD system (intelligent four-wheel drive) in its 2022 Pioneer 1000 Trail and Forest models. This makes driving on off-beaten paths an exciting yet safe experience. You will have full control over the vehicle even in the trickiest and most complicated situations.

The trucks come in different colors, though there aren’t too many choices for each version or trim. For example, the 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 is available in olive green and red. Pioneer 1000 Trail has only one color, matte silver (in both 3 and 5-seater trims).

The UTVs don’t have a top but are protected by a roll cage and half-doors. The 2022 model has a net over the half doors for extra protection.

Honda Pioneer 1000 Specifications (for 2022 Model)

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 is the latest model in the market. It has all four versions and two trims. Let’s look at the major specifications and features in detail.


Honda equips its UTVs and ATVs with its Unicam engine for better performance and reliability. Pioneer has a 999cc Unicam four-stroke twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. It has a compression ratio of 10:1. The acceleration has been improved in this model, thanks to the better low-gear ratios. The 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 offers a delightful ride when you go in the mid to high speeds.


2022 Honda Pioneer has four drive modes- 2WD, 4WD, differential lock, and turf. Switch between standard, manual, and sport paddle modes, based on the region. If you want the highest RPM and to race your buddies, shift to the sport mode.

The biggest plus point of this vehicle is the fully automated six-speed DCT transmission. It comes with six forward gears and one reverse gear. The driveline is direct for front and rear drive shafts. It is durable and can sustain rough usage on off-beaten paths. This makes Honda Pioneer 1000 more dependable than other UTVs in the market. It is less likely to require repairs after each drive.

Suspension and Brakes

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 has independent dual wishbone suspension with 10.6-inch travel. The rear suspension is also an independent dual-wishbone with 10-inch travel. The vehicle has hydraulic brakes for better grip and control. Pioneer 1000 has dual 210mm hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear.

The ground clearance ranges from 12.3 inches in Trail to 12.8 inches in Pioneer 1000, 13.2 inches in Pioneer EPS-5, and 13.6 inches in Deluxe and EPS (3-seaters). This combination of suspension, ground clearance, and brakes makes Honda Pioneer 1000 a highly reliable and smooth vehicle to drive in even the roughest terrains.

Tires and Safety Features

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 has Armstrong Dirt Master 2.0 tires. The front tires are 279 -14, and the rear tires are 2711 -14. You can choose from the three wheel choices (the tires will change accordingly). For example, Pioneer 1000 EPS 2022 model has 14-inch wheels (upgraded from 12-inch in the previous year’s model).

The Pioneer Forest and Deluxe versions have black-finish aluminum 14-inch wheels. The Trail version comes with black aluminum 14-inch wheels and highlights (contrast-cut).

You saw the safety nets on the side half-doors, right? The 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 has nets with a new mesh pattern and can be easily removed or connected. These are similar to the nets in Talon Sport.

The vehicle comes with 3-point seatbelts for the driver and passengers. There is also an emergency locking retractor mechanism to increase the safety of passengers in the cabin. The doors are hard and stay locked in their place once you pull them close (listen to the click sound).

The steering wheel can be adjusted and tilted for driving convenience. It is much easier to get into the driver’s seat and out of it due to this redesign.

Interiors and Comfort

Pioneer 1000 doesn’t have a top or a protected cab as such. But it is no less comfortable for the drivers and passengers. The under-seat storage space has been adjusted to accommodate more items. You can place and take out the gear easily from under the seat. The Deluxe, Forest, and Trail versions have under-dash storage for faster access. All important things like maps, mobile phones, papers, flashlights, etc., are stored here.

Similarly, the three models have an accessory switch panel with seven switches. It is placed in the center of the dashboard to give you quick access to lights, winch, etc. There is also a 12V socket for supplying power to devices and appliances like a cooler, etc.

Seating and Cabin

Honda Pioneer has a contoured bench seat for greater ease. You won’t slip off the bench on bumpy roads. The center seat is positioned to make the space more comfortable for all three people in the cabin.

Cabin heat has been an issue with Pioneer 1000, especially in warmer regions. The manufacturer tackles this by reducing the heat released into the cabin. The 2022 model is cooler and suited for all-weather and all-region driving compared to previous models. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

2021 Pioneer 1000 Vs. 2022 Pioneer 1000

What makes the new 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 better than the previous version from 2021? Here’s a list of the upgrades the manufacturer made.

More Power

Honda increased the power of acceleration and towing capacity by revising the valve timing. The throttling is better in the 2022 model. The manufacturer also increased the size of the cooling fan to keep the engine from overheating.


The Pioneer 1000 Forest and Trail versions have 45000 lbs capacity winch that can remove most obstacles that come in your way. Of course, some roadblocks require more power than the winch can handle.

Cup Holders and Door Nets

The manufacturer has increased the size of the cup holder to accommodate the regular-sized insulated tumblers and water bottles. This was one of the demands of the users.

Pre-Wired Panel

The 2022 model has a pre-wired panel under the hood. This simplifies the upgrading process and makes it easy to connect other electronic accessories.

Cabin Lights

You don’t have to worry about dark surroundings any longer. 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 Forest and Trail versions have interior light to illuminate the space. Don’t worry if you have to drive in the dark. The powerful headlights and interior light will guide you.


All four versions of the 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 model have upgraded stylish graphics and fascia. The grill design is new too. The company’s logo is there at the center of the steering wheel. And did we tell you about it is power steering? Awesome, right?

Final Words

The rearview mirror, cup holders, sealed cabins, etc., make Honda Pioneer one of the safest choices for off-road driving. Honda Pioneer 1000 is an all-around off-road UTV with a strong build, capable engine, and upgraded load capacity.

You can choose the version depending on where you travel/ work the most and the number of people who accompany you. The investment is more than worth the returns you get from this UTV.