Can You Wear Sandals Go Karting?

Hello again, guys : It’s Efrain Silva here, once more wishing you a happy life with some happy thoughts… no seriously. We must think positive, in these days of great peril, and what better way to take your mind off your troubles, even if for at least just a quick sec, than by reading what’s on this page here? Right? Well, I’d like to address the question right off the bat, and come out swinging, as I often like to say…. and the answer to it is that it all depends. Yes, some places do let you wear sandals (barefoot or not), flip flops or crocs, for instance, as you go kart. Others do not. You should probably call ahead or check out the website of any business you want to go kart at before you arrive dressed in sandals or such.

Now, on that note, some places like POLE POSITION RACEWAY – INDOOR KARTING do absolutely make no exceptions to their rule and state that all drivers must wear close – toed shoes for safety, hygiene and appearance reasons, all in all, since they are a more fancy type of raceway than others in their area ( and you can read the full rule, stated, as well as others, right here —- Go Kart Racing Rules, Karting Rules – Pole Position Raceway ) .

With this thought in mind, there are many other factors to consider. Many doors on these go karts can range, and the reason why this even matters at all is simply due to the mere fact that some doors ( right or left side doors on each go kart ) can cover your entire feet and leg areas as they shut ; others, on the other hand, only partially close and cover you in these places, thereby leaving your legs and especially feet at least somewhat vulnerable to the open air or outside. So if you crash, bump, etc, your feet will at least feel a piece of the impact, even however small. And if you should move your foot outside of the go kart ( which in some models, you certainly can, but it is not suggested ) , it can pose a risk of you getting your foot caught outside and dangling, or it getting smacked by another driver passing by, or bumping into something, etc. See the potential dangers?

Even if you are wearing close – toed shoes ( even firm ones with good leather protection all around ) and protective socks, it may still hurt a bit if your foot gets hit.