Does A Sea-Doo Spark Have A Drain Plug

By Author : Efrain E. Silva

Curious? Find out if your Spark HAS a drain plug or NOT : Do it for your peace of mind, if for nothing else at all, he he heh.

But wait, before doing that, just read this page —- he he he heh….. I will tell you much of what you need to know that is useful. I am the expert here, guys. Just listen to my words. And away we go….

So first of all, the first major point I want to bring to the table here —- the Spark DOES have a drain plug, or at least it ought to have when you bought it ( unless you bought it used and it went missing…. be wary of this ) . PAST models of the Sea – Doo have typically had TWO drain plugs on them, but it seems, as many are saying online, that it is actually NORMAL and OK for THIS MODEL, THE SPARK, to just have one….but you can also do two, if you really want to. And these plugs would actually, in times prior, go right on to the back of the hull’s sides ( the 2000 XP was a perfect example of this, if you do remember that model, he heh ) . But like I said, most are stating that the cool thing about the Spark is that you can actually use it with just a single plug or you can go with two.

Now, assuming that you are going to fall in for the two – plug approach, as most people do these days, to be extra ‘prepped’, he heh, you are going to want to take note of the fact that the drain plug on the left ( taking notes? Please do…. ) actually always tends to be for flushing. Flushing what? The jet system, of course, silly! Silly goose.

Now on that note, if you want that water to circulate more efficiently as you ride the watercraft ( and who doesn’t? He heh ) , then just leave it un – plugged. No joke. That is what you ought to do, and that free tip was made possible by many pros online ( I myself did not even know of it until I looked it up, he he he heh…. thank God for Google, and thank God for YouTube ) . As for the drain plug on the right, kee[ in mind that this one is actually for waters that’s leaked right into the engine’s storage area, as a bilge drain. It also kicks into action if or when the engine’s been cleaned, etc.

You might also like to know that —- and this is another juicy little fact — you should tighten up ( but not way too much ) this drain plug before riding. At least, that’s what many suggest ( as does the Sea – Doo Spark user’s manual, too, he heh heh ) .