James Stewart Jr

By Dirt - Bike Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Super - cross pro and legend James Stewart Jr. That is who I want my attention to go to next, you guys. So let me share some tidbits on him and let you decide if you want to later look him up further, okay?

So I will start by telling you guys that he is known for being bold for his top speeds, first of all…. meaning that he is never afraid to go just a little faster and crank up some action / adrenaline. If you follow him on - screen as he rides, in any past footage clip or YouTube video, you will fastly see what I am making reference to right here. He he heh… the guy likes his speeds and he likes to mix it up a notch, never leaving any viewer or audience ever bored in their seat, ha ha ha hah hah. And I am likely under - stating much, but that’s okay…. to say the least, he rules when it comes to speeds and surprises.

And not only that, but you will also love the guy for this —- he tries his very best but is ever - so “human” about it all, still. He does not claim that he is God or Superman, or anything like that ( unlike other celebs I have seen, after a victory, which tend to show everything but a humble heart ) . He admits, as a matter of fact, that he is, still, “human”…. just like the rest of us, but a human with a special gift. And he has sure learned to use that special gift! And many people have enjoyed watching him do so….

Now, then, some also know him as super - cross’s “Tiger Woods”. He heh. He was the first known person of color to make it big in that type of sport, and set records, too…. just like Tiger Woods did with golf, you could say. So that is always memorable. He was born in Florida, in the city of Barlow, no less. He got into his very first MX race at, get this, the age of FOUR. Yup. That is true.

His dad, James Stewart Sr., made sure of that, he he he heh. He got him into the sport before he could even crawl, as a matter of fact, some jokingly say. And there is a lot of great talk on forums about all that this guy has done. So he is worth a minute, and more, of your precious time…. check him out.

Now when it comes to Rookie of the Year, he did win that…. back in 2002. That was quite worthy of note also. And did you know that he was even officially sponsored at age 7? Yup. That part I did not tell you but it’s also 100 % a true fact!

Thanks for reading! Check him out further. Google as much as you can!