Pirelli Go Kart Tires

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Stick with me and check this out, friend, and I promise we will have a good time together here and now …. won’t you join me? Now, then, I have so much to share on Pirelli tires. So let us get started and on with it ( as I’m sure you are also ache – ing to know more, right? ) …..

Now first of all, I would like you all to know this fact and take it to heart —- Pirelli sells not only car and bike, truck and bus tires ( and many other kinds ) but they also now specialize in motor – sport ( and yes, that does include tires for go – karts, he he he he heh ) . Is that not awesome news that just makes you jump up and down with excitement? If it is, well, then, hold it in for a bit, because all that I have to share with you next can keep you leaping for joy for hours!

Now, then, I would also like to just point out this for one brief second —- the fact that their slick go – kart tires they sell online ( which you can even see for yourself right here, if you want to : Slick - Motorsport tire Pirelli ) categorize themselves as “for competition only”, in a sense, and show themselves, as such, to only be number one. They’re the best of the best, around, you could ( and should, he he he he heh ) say. These road track tires offer only some of the smoothest tread and surface wear potential you could ever find, especially when you’re going long – distance / high – speed against all those other racers. Go with something like this if you can afford it.

You get optimized lateral force ( guaranteed, on impact, and you will notice it right away as they say ) right away with these. They can work in multiple outdoor or indoor environments and temperatures and are good all the year long! So if you’re racing in summer, winter, spring or fall, they can handle the elements well. Which is nice, isn’t it? Now, of course, you might also like to check this out : the fact that they handle multiple kinds of “thread temperatures” as sporting experts call them ( typically maxing out at about 20° ) . Keep in mind that both your front and back axles must be at no more than a maximum of 25° ( which is what you will likely already find as you check things out for yourself ) .

If you happen to race Formula 1 ( and be one of the lucky few that can say that they do, he he he he heh ) , then you will be glad to know Pirelli also sells F1 tires like many in their C1 – C5 groups. They’ve got you covered when you have a big race ahead.