Kawasaki Dirt Bikes

Here is some basic info to get us started.  Get your “creative curiosity” juice spinning in a whirl about Kawasaki dirt bikes --- about their potential, about their history, about their suitable uses and other features, perhaps? Then you are likely to enjoy the following article as it’ll talk about that and some more….read on and remember to keep all the following in mind!    

More on this type of unique dirt bike

Let’s start off with this: THE HISTORY OF KAWASAKI --- sounds exciting, right? Believe me. It’s even cooler than it sounds….

So first off, this amazing company started out way back in 1878, when Shozo Kawasaki chose to found it while dedicating it to --- what? ---- ship building. That’s right. It was not always a dirt bike selling company, but we’ll get there…… 

Make no mistake. The company still engages in ship building as its main form of business and trade, but most people do not know this or have simply been misinformed as to the specifics. Anyways, many remember “Kawasaki” for its bikes above anything else, especially U.S. buyers. Kawasaki dirt bikes are a huge trend in the U.S. 

There have been many business swaps, small name changes, mergers and more since 1878. Now, the business that makes these ships, bikes and other kinds of products calls itself “Kawasaki Heavy Industries”. It’s based out Japan and heads numerous other subsidiaries, the likes of Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation, Kawasaki Motors Corporation Japan, Kawasaki Safety Service Industries L.t.d, Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co L.t.d, and several others. All that this company makes available to its consumers, besides dirt bikes and ships, includes tractors, trains, small engines for each, aircraft parts and aerospace equipment, all-terrain larger types of vehicles, and even some industrial robots of its own design --- how cool is that? If you didn’t catch it from speed reading, please read that last part again; it’ll truly blow you out of the ocean….they design robots, too!!!!!

Not until the early 1950’s, however, did Kawasaki Motor Co. come into origin. This was the first motorcycle business under the Kawasaki name, which at first sold its products only to residents of Japan. But not soon after the company’s inception did it realize it would need some major expert insight and assistance, such as that which could come from none other than a business like Meguro Manufacturing --- which Kawasaki later purchased and began to sell numerous popular dirt bikes through. In the early 1960’s, about a full decade later, Kawasaki came up with its first original two-stroke dirt bike of a 125cc function, calling it the illustrious B8M.    

More to note

The B8M became even more successful than anticipated, and it was not long before Kawasaki was truly in business for good. Then, a plethora of on-road, as well as off-road, bikes began to come about. Business has been good to Kawasaki…...

Now let’s briefly look at one of the latest and greatest dirt bikes to hit the fleet in recent years, the one and only 2015 Kawasaki Dirt Bike. Let’s assess its specs and other “goodies” for a moment, shall we? You want to keep all you learn here in mind for any possible future purchase and, yes, you might just fall in love with the bike after reading the next portion...or you may not. Consumer, you decide. But consider everything we discuss carefully before finalizing your choice….

First, the KXF 250, 2015 model I refer to offers a four-stroke single engine with DOHC, which comes with a four-valve cylinder head as well. It’s got an unrivaled DFI fuel system with with a 43mm Keihin throttle body, in addition to dual injectors. Not only that, but it gets even better: This bike also gets within a fuel capacity range of 1.61 gal. – 6 liters, in full retrospect. That I admire.

And to further add, if I might, you’ll also wish to know that it’s got an electric starting system of its own --- forget the traditional stuff from before, then, this one goes with the modern. And it’s also got a 48mm inverted front suspension as well as a telescopic fork carrying 40-way, spring-preload adjustability altogether! Its 22-position compression and its 20-position damping adjustability (for rebounds and more) only add to the magic. And it sits at a whopping 12.4 in, all in all.

There’s also a Showa shock and a Uni-Trak linkage system comprising a great bulk of the rear suspension. The Showa’s 19-position low-speed while also compression damping at 4-turn high-speed. It’s fully adjustable and spring-preloaded as well. And overall, we’re looking at no less than a solid 12.2 inches in rear suspension.   

The product’s got a wheel base of 58.1 in. – 1.47.5 cm, as well as a seat height ranging from 37.2 in.  – 95 cm. The curb weight falls between 233.6 lbs. – 106 kgs. Check that out.  

Let’s look at another Kawasaki dirt bike from the same year --- the 2015 KXF 450. It’s got the exact same engine type specs that the last one we looked at had, in addition to the same throttle body, so what’s unique about this one? Well, for one, 1.64 gal. (instead of 1.61) – 6.2 liters in fuel capacity, in addition to 37.8 in. – 96 cm in adjustable seat height, offers just a little more than the last product did, on both ends. Plus, its also hits a curb weight of 247.1 lbs. – 112 kgs, giving even more there as well.      

The last thoughts on this

You may have been clueless before on Kawasaki. But we hope we helped. That was the goal here through this article piece….. 

At least, you now have some basic starter knowledge on this company and how it “kicked off into gear”, so to speak, way back in the late 1800’s. You’ve also seen a little on how much it has progressed since then, in addition to having a brief look at two of its latest products released in this last decade. Now you can decide if a Kawasaki dirt bike’s right for you!    

Lets Review that Again - Find out more here!

For bikes that are going to last you well beyond your time, and even that of your great grand kids’, respectfully, you want dirt bikes like those that Kawasaki can offer you; get a deal and more through them. It’s value that lasts all year long. Check it out. And guess what? We’re going to talk further about these great bikes and their producers, so stick around…..   

The brand name behind the product

Foresight, commitment and dedication are perhaps the three best words that could ever come to mind if you were to ask me to describe the driving pillars behind all Kawasaki dirt bikes. And I would not be wrong. These sensational bikes live a long legacy of greatness that has only passed on to each succeeding generation, with further potency, since Mr. Shozo Kawasaki began the company at the end of the 1800’s.   

It was 1878, to be exact, and it was indeed a great time to be alive if you were into ship building --- and who wasn’t, at the time, since that alone was the start of global commerce and much more? That year alone, Kawasaki’s business began, and it was first a ship building company….which, as a matter of fact, it still is, in addition to selling other products like trains, dirt bikes, robotics and other goodies. I bet that was new information for you, wasn’t it?

Kawasaki’s latest dirt bikes, from the ‘70s and onward, carry quite an interesting evolution. That’s an understatement, actually. But we’re about to see why. These bikes do carry such a powerful history and potential overall….. 

The product itself

Now let’s look at a few chosen models that have taken the top spot in recent years, ones that people have proudly boasted of and not been able to stop talking about. They have been known to offer value, excellence and “a riveting good time”, all in all. They’ll be listed just below: 

The 1970, Kawasaki G31 Centurion 100 Dirt Bike - It’s firm, study, and won’t give out on tough roads. It’s a dirt bike lover’s paradise to ride! Many still collect it.

2. The 1974, Kawasaki KX 125 Dirt Bike  - It’s a little newer and more ‘hip’ than the one released in 1970. And it’s “upped its performance” in durability as well. Check it out. 

3. The 1979, Kawasaki KX 250 Dirt Bike - Through a smooth engine and an even smoother seat cushion that’s adjustable, with this one, there’s no going wrong. It’s the right choice, anytime and anywhere. Try it out to see for yourself. 

4. The 1987, Kawasaki KX 125 Dirt Bike - Now, this kind of bike was made for a new generation in mind. It’s a little more elegant and visually appealing than its past versions, in my opinion, and it gives a little more “kick” in terms of thrust power. Many have stated it’s definitely a step up!    

5. The 1995, Kawasaki KX 250 Dirt Bike - 1995, in general, was a great year to be alive in. Anyone from then will not disagree. And it was likewise a great time to release a new Kawasaki dirt bike like this one, which offered stronger wheels and their base, as well as greater piston potential...for those who were up for it. The bike is also tunable and adjustable in many ways; you decide….. 

6. The 2008, Kawasaki KX 450F Dirt Bike - 2008 was about a decade ago from now, and it was also a great time for technological progress. Did we mention that, by now, these types of dirt bikes now came in 4-stroke engines? Well, if we didn’t, then let us point it out now! And this bike sure got the best of that.    

7. The 2015, Kawasaki KX 250F Dirt Bike - There have been a few mixed reviews on this bike in particular though most would agree it’s still a good one to have in their collection. It’s got 4-stroke capabilities and electric startup. What more need we say here, then? It’s made to excel! 

More you should know

All of these bikes tend to stand out in green, a beautiful color for any off-road adventure road bike, respectively. And green is the main color offered through each, though other colors are available as well, offered in different variations throughout the years. The Kawasaki team has made sure that a selection of features and upgrades, even color offerings, is made available with each new model release --- and to do so has become a professional trend from year to year. 

Many still hold one or several, or even all, of these seven special dirt bikes as vintage vehicles. The 2008 and 2015 versions, for instance, are already in the garages of many consumers for future vintage retention. Just give it a few more years, and these should increase in value and go up in demand as they get older and harder to find. That seems to be the nature of things, automotives or otherwise. And these automotive dirt bikes are no different. 

Final, concluding thoughts on all this

So we’ve now made some great stops and shown you much of what can be learned in Kawasaki’s brand and origins as well as some of his best dirt bikes on the fleet. But there is so much to learn that we have yet to tell you of, and a great starting resource is this. What better than the official Kawasaki site to give you the full scoop on all things Kawasaki, right? Check it out, and you will always stay up to date on all that this superb company makes available online or in its stores. You can never go wrong when you go “Kawasaki”, and that’s the experience of many buyers out there; you can become one of them when you try out a dirt bike --- get out there and have some fun in those dunes. It may change your outlook on life and make it a whole lot more wild…..in a good way.

Explore. Try. Buy!