Is it cheaper to build or buy a go-kart?

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

You may think that it is cheaper to actually build a go kart for yourself, but it all depends….. depends on many things. It depends on what, you ask me? Well, it depends on how good of a go kart mechanic you seem to be…. are you very technical or have you got a long way to learn in the way of things here? Is your hand mechanically - inclined, and most importantly, can you trouble - solve, regardless of the issue that should pop up and the area that it ought to affect as a result ( the rear of the go kart, the under portions of it, the top or sides, etc ) ? And more than anything else, I would add, are you a patient person and not a person who throws in the towel once something can not be diagnosed or resolved / figured out, a - to - z, so to speak ) ?

All these are the questions of the hour, worthy ones to ask…. truly do a deep = search on yourself, as some call it, to find if you would be mechanically skilled, inclined, and all in all, patient. Because if not, then trying to build an entire go kart on your own can actually cost you more heart - ache, hassle, worry and frustration, as well as money and parts ( in the event that you should waste them, trying to put something in that ends up not working or breaking down on you, for lack of a better term ) . That is what you need to write down and journal through. Make a “pros and cons” sort of list, too, so that you can really assess how you will come out better in the long run, whether it is coming up with your own go kart parts and building from scratch, buying one that is already made, or even meeting yourself somewhere in the middle ( perhaps buying a very cheap, used one that has issues…. but that you can work on to modify on your own, if you know what you are doing, ha hah hah ) . Now keep in mind that, if you were to build the go kart, you would more than likely still need to spend SOMETHING either way, he he heh. There is, most of the time, no way to get around the “spending curve” that we all hate sometimes…. and believe me, in this case, it sure is present with us as well!

Now let me tell you what I mean by all of that ( especially the last part, he he he he heh ) : What I infer is simply the plain fact that you will need the parts. And unless you are a garage pro and have literally tons of each spare part and its materials lying around, you’ll need to go and buy. And then, build.