Does Brand Of Oil Filter Matter?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

The generic answer to this question is no, yet the more thorough one is it depends. Some will say ( and they are not entirely wrong ) that the brand you get can be any, as long as its adaptable with the car model. Yet I would agree that, for the sake of reputation, integrity and trust, at the end of the day … that the brand REALLY DOES MATTER. After all, would you continue to buy ( even year after year after year, for example ) from a brand – seller that you don’t know? Someone you don’t trust? Everyone feels differently on this, of course, but I think most would agree with me in saying that the very thought of doing so would be absurd … in most cases, the brand has to earn the reputation and trust of its user. And that itself is certainly what makes for a repeated purchase.

Now, then, FRAM is one of the more commonly known brand names out there ( basically like the Burger King or McDonald’s, but of oil – filters, he he he he heh … if I had to pick a good analogy, it would probably be that one, he heh ) . They have made millions of oil – filters for countless cars over the years, and you can get different synthetic and regular filters through them. They are quite an established brand name ( and the name speaks for itself ) . If you were to walk into any Target store ( or even a Walmart, for instance ) and go to the auto section of the store, you will usually find that most of the oil – filters there are from the FRAM brand. In fact, if you see the filter in an orange box, with dark black letters across it ( usually saying “FRAM” and the model name / number, etc ) , you will know that’s a FRAM filter and perhaps the most commonly branded and trusted one in all the US.

Bosch is another great brand of filter that I would, hands down, without a question ( and even with my hands tied behind my back, he he heh ) recommend. They make other kinds of filters, too … it seems filters are really their thing. I have tried their auto filters on 3 of my cars and never been left in disappointment, so that says a lot in itself. Try any filter from Bosch ( which you can also usually find in most Walmarts’ auto sections or aisles ) .

Revzilla is another great brand you can find in countless stores. Look them up. You also have a very positive standing among all kinds of customers. Read the many reviews on their filters, and you’ll know it right away. I hope this all has helped convince you that brand name DOES ( at least to some of us ) really matter.