Hammerhead GTS Platinum

Hammerhead is a national bestseller in the go kart market. The manufacturer has been supplying off-road go karts since 2003. From kids to adults, anyone can indulge in their love for go karts by purchasing a Hammerhead vehicle.

Hammerhead GTS Platinum is an upgraded version of GTS 150. It comes with a few extra features, also called Platinum trims. You can get your GTS 150 upgraded to Platinum, though buying a new one is a cost-effective option.

So what makes GTS Platinum famous among go kart fans? Let’s find out in this post.

What You Need to Know About Hammerhead GTS Platinum

Hammerhead GTS Platinum has all the features of GTS 150 and more. It comes with a 149cc four-stroke air-cooled engine. The engine has a horsepower of 9HP and is powerful enough to ride through the uneven tracks in nature. The vehicle has a digital speedometer and NASCAR 5-point safety harness seatbelts. The race car-style seats are individually placed and adjustable.

GTS Platinum has Nitrogen Gas Shocks, brushed aluminum rims with larger tires, adjustable steering, and can handle a maximum speed of 50mph. The go kart delivers top-class performance and makes your ride comfortable. The nitro shock absorbers work like magic to minimize the impact of a rough and bumpy ride.

The vehicle has been designed for reliable off-road usage. GTS Platinum has a design similar to GTS 150. The seating is spacious and convenient. It has dual headlights, all wheel fenders, and a 12v outlet. The canopy top reduces the risk of being directly exposed to sun or rain. Sounds great, isn’t it?

More About the Specifications of Hammerhead GTS Platinum

Hammerhead GTS Platinum has an Automatic CVT clutch. It uses Polaris technology to ensure high-quality performance and an increased life span. GTS Platinum weighs about 515 lbs (dry weight) and has the following dimensions:

LxWxH - 87x55x55 inches

With a ground clearance of 5.8 inches, four hydraulic wheel disc brakes, dual A-arm front suspension, and swing arm rear suspension, you can be guaranteed a joyful and adventurous drive in this vehicle.

The front wheels have a dimension of 197 – 8 (inches), and the rear wheels are 2210 – 10 (inches). The rear wheels are naturally larger than the front wheels to balance the weight and prevent toppling when you turn sharp corners or bends.

GTS Platinum is also a rear two-wheel drive with forward, neutral, and reverse transmission. The brush guard chassis minimizes the risk of low-speed collisions. Since the kart has a max speed of 50 mph, this works well to keep you safe in the vehicle.

Safety and Other Features of HH GTS Platinum

Safety is a priority for Hammerhead. The brand ensures that its go karts have the necessary safety features to keep drivers and passengers safe when driving on off-roads. GTS Platinum comes with 5-point safety harness seat belts with metal buckles. Each seat has its own safety harness.

The wheel disc brakes come into play when you need to act fast. The nitrogen gas shock absorbers ensure that your body doesn’t have to bear the worst of the drive through rough terrains. The digital speedometer allows you to easily track your speed and stay in control. It is recommended to not go beyond 30mph even though the vehicle can handle up to 50mph.

The canopy top reduces the impact of rain and hot sun from affecting you directly overhead. HH GTS Platinum is a reliable and safe go kart for older teens and adults. You and the passenger will have a secure ride in this vehicle.

How to Operate HH GTS Platinum?

Following the correct procedure to operate the go kart will increase your safety on the ride.

How to Service and Maintain Hammerhead GTS Platinum?

Proper maintenance and servicing are a must to keep your HH GTS Platinum in pristine condition. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s manual and make sure to hire only an authorized mechanic for in-depth servicing. Apart from that, you need to monitor certain aspects from your side.

Brake System

Check the brake pedal, fluid, and wires every day before you start the go kart. The brake pads have to be inspected every month for wear and tear. Replace when worn out.

Engine and Fuel

Inspect the engine oil level and fuel tank every time before you use the vehicle. Change and replace the engine oil every three months or 300 miles, whichever comes first. Clean and replace (if necessary) the fuel filters every twelve months or 600 miles.

Drive Chain and Lights

Inspect the drive chain and headlights every time before you use the kart. Lubricate the drive chain periodically to ensure a smooth drive. Get the headlights repaired even if only one isn’t working.

Spark Plug and Wiring

Check and replace the spark plug every twelve months or 600 miles, whichever comes first. Inspect the wiring and clutches at the same time (or after every 1000 miles). Replace the worn-out components in the clutch system.

General Lubrication

The steering, suspension, brakes, clutch, etc., should be lubricated regularly to avoid corrosion. Lubricate the vehicle after washing or driving through water.

Changing Engine Oil

Drain the existing engine oil completely before replacing it with fresh oil. Clean the filters when you change the engine oil.


Check the battery for any leakage or holes. But don’t tinker with the connections. Don’t remove or reinstall the battery if you don’t know the process. Always disconnect the negative cable (green/ black) first when removing the battery.

Final Words

HH GTS Platinum comes in a single color, Platinum/ Silver. It has a stylish design and high-quality build suitable for go kart fans. Remember that GTS Platinum is for teens ages 16 or older and adults. Hammerhead has exclusive models manufactured separately for kids, teens, and adults.

Make sure to inspect your vehicle thoroughly and wear protective gear when driving go karts. GTS Platinum is meant only for off-road driving. Enjoy the ride!