Polaris RZR Trail S

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

First of all, it steps up its trail performance by margins, entirely. People have noted the same. It also certainly gives you so much more power ( not to mention horse – power, which is now 100 and not only 75, which is still a lot, this time around ) . They also say this one has the “quickest - to – engage AWD” or all – wheel – drive, around. That’s not bad, is it? I would venture to say it is not, my friend … not at all.

It comes in eye – appealing Blue!

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

I like that these all come in 60 – inch widths, to begin with. That is plenty of space to maneuver around in the woods ( between thick log trees and other harder – to – drive – in places, too, when you think about it, he he he he heh ) . What else do I like about the Trail S models? Well, since you asked …..

There is the The Polaris RZR Trail S 900 Sport, first of all, which I really really ( really ) like, maybe even the most of them all, if I were to be honest with you ( and with myself, he he he he he heh ) at day’s end. Now why do I like this one so much? Well, let me tell ya ….

First of all, it’s got a nice improved ergonomic system built into it, which makes it more user – friendly than a whole batch of the other models I have ridden in ( or driven myself ) before, which is fairly nice, all in all. In addition to that, it also has solid 75 horse – power capacity and cranks up like a beast, demanding respect in its very wake, you could say …. funny but true, at least in my own personal opinion ….

Now, also, we have another in this particular line – up that I would like to point out for just a sec, guys, with your permission ( may I do so, please? ) , and it’s the The Polaris RZR Trail S 1000 Premium, which also kicks ass and takes names ( but in its own wicked way, he he he he he heh ) . Now, about this one, please note first of all that it sells for just a tad bit more than the last one I talked about ( which had a $17,899 US MSRP ) : at a $20,599 US MSRP. Now keep in mind, of course, that these are just the basic starting MSRP prices and can go a bit ( or much, even … he he he he heh ) higher in other places or across other markets. I think the slightly – higher price on the Premium version is definitely worth it though, and here would be my ‘why’ for that.