Yamaha EX Sport

Meta D: The all-new Yamaha Ex sport is here to blow your mind. Check out its unique features and dive right in to know everything about the Ex Sport!

Well, who doesn’t like jet skis? Water Skiing is an absolute adrenaline-quenching sport that no one can walk away from. The super fun jet skis and the heroic design of the dynamic machines help you attain euphoria.

Yamaha’s Ex Sport is designed to let you taste the adrenaline rush and the excitement without compromising the power and speed you look for in the adventure vehicle.

Yamaha EX Sport: An Overview

Yamaha entered into the water skis in 2017 and has been unstoppable since then. Yamaha has always been known for its vehicles’ reliability and stability, and Ex Sport is no exception. Even though the brand is promising, there are various factors you must look into before buying one. So read ahead to know all the details of the new Ex Sport!


Yamaha Ex Sport uses the latest version of Yamaha’s innovative 3 cylinder engine, the 1049cc Yamaha TR-1. The engine is designed to be light-weighted, small, and compact and can be easily reassembled. The engine is packed to give a real punch with lively acceleration and great top-end power. It can reach up to 55 mph in 30 seconds. What is more surprising is its affordability and design with incredible durability.


It is not just the engine, but the fuel capacity is quite surprising too. The Yamaha Ex sport holds up to 50 liters or 13.2 US gallons. This is quite sufficient to have a smooth and hassle-free trip down the water. Adding to the fuel capacity, the water jet ski has an impressive storing capacity of 29 liters. It is perfect for holding on to finishing or camping equipment.

RiDE Technology

Yamaha’s RiDE Technology is the latest and advanced braking and reverse system. It is the key feature of Ex Sport. The RiDE technology will help the rider brake smoothly at high speeds without getting thrown over the handlebars. The technology also helps to reverse without any jerks and aids in docking precisely. Most of the older versions and other brand skis do not have this feature making Yamaha’s Ex Sport the best choice in the market.


Yamaha Ex Sport is precisely designed to be lightweight and agile. The water jet ski is equipped with a performance-style hull that can handle a wide variety of water conditions. The water ski comes in a 3 seater. Even though it says 3 seaters, three adults cannot travel long distances comfortably. The most ideal is two adults and one child. The riders can hold on to the support handle on the rear of the seat to make the journey secure, and the tow hook is right below it.

Hull & Deck

The entire hull and deck of the Ex Sport are made from durable and scratch-resistant standard SMC fiberglass and resin. Like many other Yamaha water vehicles, the Ex Sport is also designed to be agile and playful. The deck is sufficient enough to set up on a yow tube or a wakeboard. Compared to many other jet skis, the deck is not extra spacious, but it is not cramped either.

Axial Flow jet pump

Yamaha is a brand known for its exciting performance and exhilarating handling, and Ex sport is no exception when it comes to that. The jet ski comes with an impressive combination of high flow intake, a powerful axial flow jet pump, and a stainless steel impeller that runs within a precision-engineered housing. This makes the jet ski have an instant acceleration to give a commendable performance.

Deck mats

The Ex Sport deck comes with standard deck mats. You can exchange them with Yamaha two-tone hydro turf mats if you like. The two-tone hydro turf mats are perfect for skiing in hot tropical regions because the turf mats are designed to stay cool even after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Reboarding step

Many jet skis in the market are either tall or challenging to board their customers. Yamaha provides the Ex Sport with a reboarding step near the tail. This is an added advantage to the vehicle. Even though reboarding on Ex sport is not difficult, it is more convenient and comfortable. You can remove it if you don’t need it.

Glove box

Yamaha Ex sport comes with an impressive glove box that can hold 7 gallons of storage. It is very comfortable for riders to store some water bottles, sunscreen, and phones. And the glove box is water repellent making it the best place to store cell phones.

Dual mirrors

Most jet skis don’t come with dual mirrors. Water jet skis generally do not require mirrors like your cars because nothing is blocking the line of sight while driving. You can turn around quickly and look for any blockage while going. Waterways are open and easy to navigate without mirrors. But when it comes to docking your vehicle, mirrors play a massive role in docking it perfectly in a line. It is a sweet luxury to have.

Multifunctional LCD instruments

The jet ski comes with a stylish-looking multifunction LCD mounted on the cockpit panel. This is not something you would expect to see on such a keenly priced, affordable watercraft. The LCD comes with a water repellent screen which offers a clear and easy-to-read speedometer and tachometer. It also provides informative reads for fuel level and hours run. The LCD helps the rider to get geared up for the ride ahead.



Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Yamaha EX and EX Sport?

The Yamaha EX Sport is slightly expensive than the EX costing around $1000 dollars more, however, it does come with added specs. The former is equipped with rearview mirrors, mechanical reverse and reboarding strap.

How fast is the Yamaha EX Sport?

The Yamaha EX Sport can go as fast as 50 miles per hour.

How much horsepower does the Yamaha EX Sport have?

The Yamaha Ex Sport has maximum hp of 130.

Final thoughts

Yamaha Ex Sport is a fantastic jet ski for beginners and professionals. The brand has made a significant impact on water enthusiasts with its advanced-designed jet skis. Being Yamaha, you can definitely expect high-speed performance and impressive durability of the jet ski. The features, color, and design of this model have caught attention all over the world. Well, what’s stopping you now? Try out the new Yamaha Ex sport to feel the adrenaline rush over the gushing waters.