Dirt Bike Gloves

Find out more here! Off-road dirt bike riders everywhere, did you know that there’s a lot more than you think that can go into the type of dirt bike gloves you get? It’s true, and that’s going to be the next great topic for our discuss right here --- so keep reading…...

The details behind the product

So when it comes to motocross racing, dirt bike adventures on the backroads, or all else that can fall in the middle, getting gloves made by Fox is one of the best choices I ever made in my life, and I think I’m understating, but you get what I mean. Fox gloves have really made my experience 150 % percent of what it should be every time I have used them on the roads. They are simply some of my favorite, and I will share with you more…..

First, let’s look at the Fox Bomber Gloves, which are my number one choice. I use them when I ride on the highways and streets, when I’m at the gas pump, when I wheel around for some fun on dirt roads or my own community, and everywhere else I go. They’re made by Fox Racing, a business that I would do business with just to do business with. If that’s a mouthful, then what can I say? I like to have fun with my words as much as I do with my friends, and I never lack any of either…..

Fox Racing has got a great backstory behind it, of which you are now about to learn a bit of. This global leader of different kinds of mountain biking gear, sporting and casual apparel, and motocross racing products stands behind its promise to making excellent items at reasonable luxury prices, each maintaining its overall lightweight durability and ease of use well within the range of excellence expected by its every user. And that is not all: As a matter of fact, Fox Racing brings together some of the best world athletes, who represent its products, so there’s always something for the company to be proud in displaying its brand to all….. 

More than 40 motocross championships ago, this global company was not so global, after all. In fact, it was nothing more than an idea, some dirt, and a few minds to make it work. The original plan was to create an American company that would compete with, and even rival, what many were doing in Japan --- but that could do it better. And after many years of trial and error, as well as ongoing fan support and increased revenue, Fox Racing now stands as a pillar for all dirt bike glove products and other motocross racing suppliers everywhere. It is true to its word in both what it represents and upholds, as well as what it promises each new buyer, respectively; many continue to buy from the brand, in bulk, for all their events.  

More on the product itself

These types of Bomber gloves offered by Fox Racing, similarly to those of other brands, offering palm padding that is provenly thorn-proof overall. So in other words, you get both a soft pad touch to use on your digital devices screens as well as rough protection for your knuckles and other areas of the fist or palm. It’s all the best of both worlds here! 

And to add a twist, they come in an elegant style that not only boasts of a sporty nature but also says, “stylish is me” in the process. And does it get any better than a dirt racing glove that’s touch-screen capable? Think on that last feature again ---- I think this is paradise, as good as it gets here on earth.  

EVEN MORE you should know 

To give you a more optimum fit for every time you ride and use them, these gloves’ knuckles are Polycarbonate comprised, each individually molded with the material and infused to excellence. You can sure tell that the manufacturers took their time, this time, and did not throw any idea out the window ---- they truly thought it out and brought out a product that would be rider worthy. You also get “insanely increased” durability through the gloves’ pittards, which are of solely perforated leather. The designers chose to do it once and get it right this first time! 

But in addition to all the good news, you may also be ecstatic to find out that the pittards are also both rugged yet highly ventilated at the same time, meaning they can offer protection from sweat while also keeping your hands warm and shielded. Does it get any better? It does…. 

Also, their hooks offer a hook-and-loop closure to ensure you get a tight, yet comfortable fight around each lock. And they won’t come loose easily unless you want them to. You decide.

And to further add, silicone lever gripping strength is what you get as well here; get that firm grip around your hand pedal and brakes as you coast or “floor it” on the road. And the inside palm material layering is made of double-layer clarin, a highly valued element. And did we mention this product comes with 1-year warranty value, too, in case you need to return it?  

Final, concluding thoughts on all this

You can’t go wrong ---- at least, not when you have put your best foot forward and saved up anywhere from $39.70 to $62.03. If that money’s ready for you, then spend it on some fantastic dirt bike gloves. And try what Fox Racing offers! 

So the race is on --- have you rev’d up your bike’s engines yet? If not, before you do so, stop by any local provider and get your pair of amazing Fox Racing Bomber Gloves, or any other dirt bike racing gloves they offer, and let the fun begin; it’s waiting for you! It’s never a better time to invest in quality gloves that will stick with you closely as you race, stunt perform, ride or even coast along some of your favorite hot spots. Ride on!