Sea-Doo Spark Impeller

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Want to get an impeller for your Spark? Why not? It can’t hurt to check out some great ones by top sellers.

The first I would start with, on that note, is this —- SOLAS Sea Doo Spark 2-Up 3-Up Impeller SK-CD-12/17 W/Wear Ring & Impeller Tool: Sports & Outdoors

This impeller tool, first of all, even comes with a wear ring. Ignore that it is asking for almost $300 as that price is worth making the extra effort for as this is a truly superb product in all respects. Pay it up or save til you can. Only options here, but keep in mind that some sellers offer financing, too….. think about getting rid of all excuses not to buy this one, even if money is an issue. Why? Well, it’s top – ranked, super beneficial, and is even made from polished S.S. ( yes, friend, by S.S. , I do mean stainless steel, and that of the best make you can ever get, ha ha hah ) . Not only that, but it’s corrosion – resistant, meaning it won’t give in without a fight and just get dusty and rusty, as we like to say around here…. it will put up a harder fight against corrosion than Superman will against kryptonite, if that gives you any idea at all or paints a more livid picture in your mind, he heh.

This impeller is high – strength, making that further possible. You don’t even need to modify or tune – up your Spark’s current pump in order to put this impeller on…. nope, you just take off the old impeller and put this one right on, in its place. A – B – C…. SIMPLE AS THAT!

Other places sell this impeller, too, and even very similar alternatives, all of which can fit in your Sea – Doo’s Spark. I like looking here, too, sometimes, especially when Amazon sells out ( as this product is popular, backed by some decent amount of rising demand, and its site sellers can often get busy or stock out fast ): RIVA/SOLAS SEA-DOO SPARK CONCORD 12/17 IMPELLER

By the way, have I told you just how great Riva Racing is as a brand? I think I have, many times, but I WILL DO IT AGAIN. They are superb. And that is why I get so many Spark accessories, mods and overall replacement parts right from their site. I suggest it to you, too, like a good friend who cares….

Keep in mind that some of these Spark impellers you may see can have larger blade area adjustments or capacities than others. But some may fit on more easily, and some with more difficulty, as such. Always ask or inquire about this before ordering.

Most impellers come either solo, with a wear ring or O – RING, or even as part of a larger kit that you have to buy. Try to see what’s best.