Can You Go Go-Karting Drunk?

Keep this in mind first : if you so happen to “commit a DUI while on your own private property” ( he he he heh heh, yes, it technically can happen ) , then you are, by most accounts, still typically within the boundaries of the law. You are 100 % allowed to drive go karts drunk while you are on your own, privately owned turf or track, in other words. Is it safe or smart to do so, however? Well, that answer can be totally up to you as we all have our moments, and we all know our limits…..

So, with all this in mind, just think about some of the following things, too : First of all, if you are driving the go kart drunk on someone’s property, then you won’t typically get a DUI either…. but, however, the property or business owner can then kick you out at that point. If, in your drunk state, you refuse to leave and attempt to continue to operate one of their go karts, you would then be considered a trespasser ( as they have asked you to leave already, and you have refused to abide by their request, and it is their property that you are on ) and they will more than likely call the police on you at that point. If the police arrive and you are still there, then they can ticket you for a number of offenses ( but hopefully, you have abided by the property’s request and have left at this point, because it will be a whole lot easier for you ) : Public intoxication, trespassing, etc.

You might also have to consider the following, per federal law : F.S. 316.003 ( 75 ) . Is that specific go kart a high – speed vehicle ( or a vehicle, at all ) ? It depends on the model and brand you are using as well as all requisites it has met. Did the owners register it on their tracks as a LSV ( low – speed vehicle ) , per instance, with a proper state license plate and all? In such cases, you may even be considered “driving under the influence” ( so yes, DUI can apply here, if the officer involved truly feels like pursuing that approach ) .

At the end of the day, it all comes down to this : Is the public at risk with your behavior? If you hurt someone while drunk, that can bring on some felony charges. How bad is the damage?