Bob’s Ski-Doo

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Bob’s Ski – Doo & Power Center is a little old place in the soul of Easton, MA, based right out of there as well and mostly using parts made in the USA. It prides itself in its work and is, as you may have guessed for yourselves, a true separate seller of Ski – Doo. It exclusively specializes in all Ski – Doo. So you could call them an expert, I suppose.

Now I called this place the other day just to get a few price quotes written up for me, and the guy there who picked up the phone was very smart and took the time to answer each of my many detailed inquiries, he he he heh. I promised not to waste his time but told him I would be in the area, and in the state of Massachusetts, in general, that week…. and hoped to make several purchases if he could help answer some product questions before – hand, all of which I did ; and true to my word as I am ( my word, my bond, James Bond, he heh…. I like to say that for some fun reason, I don’t know exactly why, but it feels liberating when I do so ) , I bought plenty from him there and then when I visited that week. I learned just how much there is to know about the Ski – Doo logo, its parts, its ski mobile models, and so much other insight that I came home feeling like a fool, he heh… I thought I KNEW everything about them, but it turns out someone else did, and heck, they made a whole business out of it…. quite a way to land a killer profit, if you really like snow mobile products and Ski – Doo, in general, I’ll say.

Bob’s place even sells a whole list of off – road stuff, which I also got to see online, before entering. There is just so much money you can spend at this place, that it’s insane…. if you have money to blow ( and I sure wish I had more of that, the week I went there, he he he heh, for I would be a very happy man, even more than I am now ) , then this is the place to do it at. Spend, spend, spend!

They even have $30,000 Can – Am Spyder products if you’re really serious about those off – roading days, he he he heh. I have kept that mind myself and already come up with a small shopping list for when I go back out there again to see some old friends. I am so glad I checked out Bob’s, and if you are ever by Easton, give them a go. Ski – Doo experts they are, and happy people, you will be…. that is what I now tell anyone who is serious about looking for a Ski – Doo shop near Massachusetts. Rock on!