Ford Rs200

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

I can not seem to remember right as of now, but I do recall a time in my child – hood in which a neighbor of mine owned a Ford. It was a sort of pick – up truck. Ever since then, I have always come to love and be truly fond of Fords of different types, no less including the one I have proposed to talk to you of here. Yes, the RS – 200 is nothing less than a mid – engined 4WD type of sports utility vehicle made by that I love.

It’s made by Ford Europe, most interestingly, and not only that, but I have come to find that it was only in production for three very short and distinct years —- in 1984, in 1985 and in 1986. What I also noticed is the fact that it is not an American car as some had come to expect but was rather made and produced both in the UK and for the UK’s audience, mainly ( right in the very heart and center of a little region of Boreham, UK ) .

This car participated in the 2008 Race Retro and made headlines all over, of which you might recall if you happen to follow race car sports news and events. Remember this one? It was somewhat of a big deal, especially for the Europeans. This car has a wheel – base of 100 inches exactly, to further note, in addition to no less than 157 inches in terms of its total length. There is also more to note here as it regards its inches in both height and width, with 52 for height and 69 for width, all in all. The engine, you will find, has been mounted longitudinally, and not only that, but the car’s got 4 cylinders and can hit a max torque of about 360 lb per foot at 5,500 rpm as some have stated online. I really like to look at some old archive footage on the web, from time to time, when I need motivation…. YouTube has been my go – to. I can see this car racing in style, its shimmering splendor of white vivid and easy to see in any race track anywhere.

It’s a 5 – speed manual trans, my type of car as well, heh he he he heh. I have heard that it can do wonders in either of the 5 gears and holds no issues, to date, of any major form…. which is always a good thing to think about and at the very least can tell us that the manufacturer worked out any ‘kinks’ in the lab, so to speak, prior to final release and production. This car has no known call – backs as far as I am concerned. It is unique in this respect as well.

I hope you will consider studying further on the RS – 200 by Ford. It’s a hell of a ride. I love everything I see.