Is It Illegal To Drive With A Cracked Windscreen?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

This is a broad question, and the answer can be yes or no accordingly : What I will say, to begin with, is this …. it depends on the very specific laws of your town, city, state, county, country, etc. There is no hard / fast rule or “one - size - fits - all“ type of answer or approach here, and that is what is, for many, the most frustrating thing about this. Now, I, for one, have lived in places like Florida, Hawaii and Colorado where, for instance, there was no specific rule ( at least at the time when I got my first car, he he he he heh ) on how this works. So it can be tough to just decide for yourself …. and of course, a cop ( perhaps even depending on what kind of mood he or she is in, at the time ) can pull you aside at any time to ask when you are going to address the cracked wind – screen ( if ever, heh he he he heh ) .

Now when this happens, you always want to provide a time – frame ( such as “as soon as I get my next pay – check” or even better, “I have an upcoming appointment with my auto – glass expert set for next Tuesday morning”, etc …. just do not lie. It better be true, though ) …. or you can provide the time – frame and then set the appointment or make plans to fix the cracked wind – screen.

What you do NOT want to happen ( as you might already imagine, happening, in the back of your mind, he he he he heh ) is for that same cop to run into you AGAIN, the following week, etc … and the find out you never fixed the issue when you said you would. Because then, a more basic citing or fine can turn into something more damaging to your driving record, incurring higher court fines, penalties and much more. I know it may be rare for you to run into the same cop twice in the same week, but it can happen … and believe me, they can certainly remember your same – looking car with the cracked wind – screen as well as your face in such a short time – span. Keep that in mind.

The best thing you can do is to go to one of those walk – in services that offer auto – glass servicing and repair and get the issue taken care of that same day. Call your boss and tell them you won’t make it to work because an accident has come up, etc. Also, note that in some states, it IS illegal to drive with a cracked wind – screen. Look up the rules for where you live. Do NOT take a chance on it ; it’s better to be prepared ….