Polaris RZR Pro XP 4 Ultimate Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

First keep in mind the fact that this great vehicle for multi – terrains and some off – roading comes with a liquid cooling engine system that is out of this world. It prevents fluid build – up, over – heating, shut – downs and so much else. But that is not all I like about this model, overall ; let’s, in fact, take a look at some more. Stay with me here …

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

Now I would like to point out no model is 100 % flaw – less ( at least not yet, he he he he he heh ) . There is always something that can be amended, altered, removed, improved, etc ( you get the point, I’m sure …. ) . But this model kicks butt, either way, because it offers so much like a turbo – charged twin cylinder ( with … get this … NOTHING less than 4 - Stroke DOHC as well as electric fuel injection and 181 max horse – power. Are you in love with it yet? Why not leave your spouse and marry it? Kidding, kidding ….

Now, then, what you should also know is the fact that it has a full 13 - gallon ( or 49.2 Liter ) gas capacity ; fill it to the top, ride around all day, and come back with some fuel left, at the end of the day .. no prob at all. He he he he heh …

Now I might also like to point out the fact that it gets the usual ( usual, at least in new models, like this one ) 14.5 - in ( or 36.8 in cm, of course ) ground clearance as well as a total pay – load capacity of nearly a ton ( literally, it’s right at around 900 lbs total … crazy, right? ) . It’s awesome in every way, indeed. And its wheel – base is 125 inches total, which measures out to around 317 in cm ….

You’ve also got a great, solid park – in transmission brake on it that works right away and can be used just about any time, not to mention both a front and a rear 1 /2 - inch door that are firm and solid. They can take some impact : They can protect you when you get hit. This gives me peace of mind, when all’s said and done. And I love peace of mind.

Also, you might like to know that it’s got options for Bluetooth connecting … so bring your phone, your Bluetooth piece (s) and any other hook – ups. Drive, ride and talk as you please! Using Bluetooth is safer than driving and texting, after all … something you can feel far less guilty about doing, at the end of the day. Keep those eyes on the road!