Are Go Karts Street Legal In Texas?

Are go karts street legal in Texas? Well, the short answer’s yes, but it all depends on how up to par you happen to be with things. You do need to pass a few legal and safety requirements, of course. Now, there are a few ways that you can perfectly spin it, and you must comply with either the ROV or UTV compliance laws of the state. Now, to give you a bit of insight into that, more further, here is what you ought to start off by considering : LOW – SPEED VEHICLES. That is usually what you must register your go kart as, as an LSV. UTVs or ROVs, on another note, are NOT allowed on roads, typically…. whether they qualify as LSV’s or not ( and typically in this case, you will find that they will not ) .

You can still use ROV’s ( which stands for, by the way…. Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles ) or UTVs ( which stands for Utility Vehicles ) on certain off – roads, like dirt tracks ( not privately owned, of course, or you would be considered trespassing and could therefore waive any rights to avoid a fine or even impounding of your go kart as well…. you can’t say “I didn’t know”, especially if there are signs saying “You are on private property, no trespassing”, etc ) . Public, free range open – air spaces make great DIY courses for your go kart. So just think about that.

In addition, you must also go through the proper legal channels for ensuring you have a driver’s license, respectively…. before you step foot in a go kart and try to drive it ( but you can ride alongside someone who does have a driver’s license, unexpired, of course…. without having a license of your own ) . Keep in mind this very next important point as well : You can even get a Texas state license plate put on the go kart, such as an “off - road” or “off - highway” vehicle plate ( which basically says you can drive it around on streets and other public roads, but not on freeways… given that the vehicle can go 35 miles per hour or less in speed ) .

In addition, if you want to drive your LSV around in streets and intersections ( but not on highways, once more… and I do say this for emphasis ), the spark arrestor, lights, brakes and muffler must be impeccable. They must be checked often. You must remain compliant.