Yamaha EX Deluxe

Meta: Is the Yamaha EX Deluxe worth spending bucks on? The ultimate honest review is here.

Who does not love jet skis? I am sure probably every one of us is fond of them. And owning one can make you more satisfied. Just imagine your supercool jet ski on water and think about the mighty water splash! Isn’t that fun?

Water sports are the most fun activity to indulge in. Whether it is sports, touring, racing, or just boarding, everything regarding leisure is worth appreciating. But do you know what can make the ride even more comfortable and fun? Well, a powerful jet ski with super cool features can be your first hit.

Presenting the Yamaha EX deluxe to you here. Check out all its specifications here. I can bet you are bound to fall in love with this Personal Watercraft.

Yamaha EX Deluxe: An overview

The Yamaha Ex Deluxe is undoubtedly one of the most reliable jet skis on the market. The features of this jet ski at this affordable budget are matchless. But before diving in, you should always be aware that it has its disadvantages as well. So taking a closer look or knowing about the jet ski in detail is what you should do.

Hence, I am reviewing the Yamaha EX Deluxe here. The following section is for its features, pros, and cons. Let’s plunge!


The Yamaha EX Deluxe has introduced one of the most robust engines in the industry. Like almost all other Yamaha models, this one has brought us the innovative TR-1 engine. The four-stroke three-cylinder engine has got 10499 ccs to offer. And the lightweight marine engine has pushed the agility of the vehicle to the best level.

Along with all these features mentioned above, it has offered us outstanding fuel economy. You are allowed to enjoy your time onboard without even thinking about fuel consumption. You might run out of energy, but the engine never runs out of fuel. Get ready to enjoy the smoothest performance from this powerful beast.

RIDE throttle system:

The name represents Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics. Like most other premium Yamaha models, this model comes outfitted with a RIDE throttle system. By utilizing the component successfully, one might deal with the stream ski.

It has all the security highlights a rider might at any point wish for. With this, you might take a jump forward, or reverse, or even slow the speed. Also, trust me, the control is so natural. Simply pull the switch on the right handlebar to speed up and left to reverse or slow down. In this way, the water ride gets more agility.

Reboarding step:

This is a minor component. Yet, presumably the most valuable of all. The Yamaha EX Deluxe model comes furnished with a reboarding step that simplifies riding the ski, particularly while boarding after swimming. At present, one of the keen features of the reboarding step is that it conceals if not being used. Isn’t that advantageous?

Hydro TURF® mat:

This feature is one of the incredible additions to the jet ski. The boarding platform or the deck area can be slippery due to water. And it may cause a mishap. Hence, the manufacturers have added Hydro TURF® mats on the boarding platform. They are basically slip-resistant mats, added for your comfort. It provides superior traction on the swimming platform and footwell as well.

Hull and Deck:

The Yamaha jet skis have been valued and advertised around one component the most - their quality structure and deck. Both design and material of these have been applauded for their greatness. Similarly, the Yamaha EX Deluxe has aced the frame and deck division. They are produced using rigid SMC material. It has been planned so that tow sports and stable riding are more accessible than any other time.

The deck has acquainted us with further advanced ergonomics with more extensive and profound footwells. The latter are produced using the erosion-safe lightweight material, SMC. Both the materials are so light yet unbending that the stream ski becomes more enjoyable and deft to ride.


There is one thing that every rider is worried about on board. And that is their essential items getting wet due to the water splash. But fortunately, the Yamaha manufacturers have been thoughtful enough. They have introduced large storage areas to each of their jet skis. Similarly, this particular personal watercraft also comes with comfortable storage areas underneath the seat. They are so convenient that you may take some of the essential items with you while riding.

Moreover, the jet ski comes equipped with a deep glovebox and a bow storage area. Isn’t that a one-stop solution to all your problems?




How fast does a Yamaha EX Deluxe go?

The speed of a PWC depends upon many factors. The engine is, of course, essential for pace. But apart from that, one needs to understand that keeping the jet ski intact is necessary. Otherwise, your PWC might show some difficulties at the beginning only. That being said, the Yamaha EX Deluxe is one of the finest jet skis ever produced. It can go as fast as 50 mph.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha EX Deluxe have?

The Yamaha EX Deluxe comes equipped with a 100 hp engine. Well, that is not a bad option for beginners. However, race and sport-loving people will not enjoy the speed much.

Does the Yamaha EX Deluxe have a reverse?

This amazing PWC is equipped with intelligent RIDE technology that allows the rider to control the vehicle accordingly. So, the rider can engage in reverse, forward, or stable mode.

Final thoughts:

So, we have completed the review of the Yamaha EX Deluxe here. I am sure you have already chosen whether to buy it or not. At this affordable price range, no other manufacturers are ready to include these features. However, the engine is not a supercharged one, which is a slight disadvantage. But looking at all the other fantastic features, you might ignore the minor problem. Good luck!