Do NGK Iridium Spark Plugs Increase Horsepower?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

According to many sources online, the answer to this one is yes. And my own personal experiences would agree with them as well. You CAN increase your overall horse – power potential through these specific spark – plugs, and I would like to tell you some more so that you can consider if you would like to make a buy anytime soon.

Here is how it works —- in the most plain and simple way that I can put it ( in case you are a new expert to the auto world or just learning a thing or two ) : these plugs send more spark to your firing tip, which in turn, helps you combust greater amounts of fuel ( and in many cases, more quickly than before as well ) … which, as a result, ends up helping your vehicle produce more overall horse – power, at the end of the day. Simple, right?

They call these laser spark – plugs “the premier ones” in many places today ; in fact, they can do so much more than typical older spark – plugs ever could ( not just including firing up your horse – power ) . You get the best of modern laser tech, combined with incredible iridium material strength, in addition to great spark – plug precision, and voila … you have a product that really kicks butt and certainly kicks up your horse – power just about every time you ignite the car.

Another cool thing about these specific kinds of spark – plugs is the single fact that ( wait for it …. ) —- THEY CAN ACTUALLY LAST FROM APPX. 60,000 – 150,000 MILES. That is quite a nice little life – time of usage, if you ask me. Change them out within that range, and don’t forget to, though. Otherwise you could start to see some problems, and you never want that ….

Also, keep in mind the very fact that these types of spark – plugs do not require ( yes, I said DO NOT REQUIRE ) ANY type of gapping at all, generally speaking. In a nutshell, this simply means that you should NOT try to gap them, either. So don’t try. Doing so may end up damaging the spark – plug itself, especially if you do not quite know how to do it properly.

Also keep in mind that you can even mix these spark plugs with platinum ones ( if and only if their heat –range, all in all, tends to be the same ) though it’s not recommended you do so every single time ; yet if you ever need to and you’re in a pinch, it’s always an option that you can come to consider. But try to keep platinum ones with platinum ones, and iridium ones with iridium ones. And yes, NKG iridium spark – plugs last longer ( and even give you MORE horse – power ) than many platinum ones do.