Winterize Dirt Bike

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Let’s say you want to do everything you can to get your bike ready for the worst of the winter wear, as some like to say, but you simply do not know how to do so ( or, heck, to get it ready for each season of greatest need, or for other cool functions ) . What do you do? You consult your good friend Efrain, of course, the jack of so many trades but not master of a single one, he he heh….kidding. Kidding. Or am I?

Winterize Dirt Bike

Yup, I’m pretty sure I am as bikes, not to mention writing, are a true passion that will never die out of me. You can never kick them out or boot them out of my system, so to speak. And anyways, in this topic, I would like to approach you guys in maybe a different way than I ever have before ( I’m currently mixing up my writing styles, as well, but it’s still the same, crazy old Efrain, guys, he he heh…. ) and talk about what I have NOT talked about in the other blogs on this web - site and that is how to actually WINTER - ize. Yes, now that winter is just a few days close to its arrival ( or it might have passed, if you’re reading this at any other time, ha ha ha….gotcha ) . And if you are as busy as an elf, and who isn’t in this time, then you sure like to save every minute you can and crunch on that clock…as my grandpa Joe says.

That being said, you can winterize in under 12 minutes, or even 10, pushing the limit. You just have to kind of know what you are doing in the first place. And my first tip to get the ball rolling is to pop open your bike’s gas tank and throw some fuel stabilizer in there — easy, right? Super easy. And then, what you are going to need to do after that, to finish off the process, is just to simply take out the battery, replacing it for blank space ( ha hah, but just in the meantime, so do not worry ) and then getting a nice smart charger that is compatible ( and you can get a solid deal, right now during holiday season specials, on Amazon or Walmart ) . Put the battery right on that charger, once you get it, and then just let it sit there ( like in your manly garage, he he heh ) throughout the new cold season.

If you want an even lengthier and more detailed approach instead of doing this one, let me share with you that you can also do a full,1 - hour approach. This involves taking the key out,running the bike for a couple minutes after turning it right back on,and then turning things fully off once more …. And then just swap out the filter for its oil and change it while you’re at it. Fun and easy, right?