Hammerhead R-150

Hammerhead is a Texas-based off-road automobile manufacturer and supplier in the US market. The company has a collection of off-road go karts designed for personal and commercial use. R-150 is a two-wheel drive that comes at a cost-effective price. It is the right choice of kart if you want to tour your properties and ride around on uneven roads surrounding your place.

R-150 is small and compact in size. It comes with a bench seat convenient for two people to travel. This model is built for personal use and doesn’t require much maintenance. The safety belts, reliable 149cc engine, side mirrors, and other features make it a worthy choice for property rides.

Let’s read more about Hammerhead R-150 to know its specifications, build, and features in detail.

What You Need to Know About Hammerhead R-150

Hammerhead R-150 is a smaller version of the famous GTS 150 by the same manufacturer. R-150 has a GY6-based 149cc air-cooled four-stroke engine that is popularly used in various dune buggies, snowmobiles, go karts, and ATVs. The kart has a rear axle that provides good balance despite being a two-wheel drive.

It has a small dump bed at the rear to carry your gear or trash from one place to another. The kart has an ABS plastic top to provide protection from direct sunlight and rain. It has two headlights and rearview mirrors on both sides. The mirrors give you a clear idea of what’s behind you.

The digital speedometer shows you the accurate speed reading at all times. The 3-point seatbelt is secure and keeps you safe on the bench seat even when driving on uneven and slippery paths. There is a 12V auxiliary outlet for emergency charging mobile phones or similar devices. The R-150 kart also has additional noteworthy features like a cup holder, tail lights, signal lights, etc.

The body frame is made using powder-coated solid steel to add to the build strength and make the kart durable. It has four-wheel braking for more control on bumpy roads. The front and rear suspension absorb the bumps and reduce the impact on your body. R-150 is a compact off-road kart in many ways.

Specifications of HH R-150

Hammerhead R-150 is longer because of the dump bed at the rear. With dimensions of 95x 51x 74 inches (LxWxH) and a wheelbase of 67 inches, R-150 makes a comfortable kart to drive through different properties and lands.

Despite its dry weight of 700 lbs, which is more than what the G 150 weighs, this works as an advantage in effectively managing the weight distribution. This is further enhanced by the use of 22x7-10 front tires and 22x10-10 rear tires.

HH R-150 has a ground clearance of 6.5 inches, dual A-arm front suspension, and swingarm rear suspension (with adjustable coil). It has the same automatic CVT clutch and transmission system (forward, neutral, and reverse) as in other Hammerhead go karts like GTS 150.

Features and Highlights

Hammerhead R-150 is a light-duty go kart that is best suited for yard work, personal use, and entertainment trips within the estates. If you want to drive down to the lakeside or the cabins at the other end of your land, R-150 would take you there with ease.

You can enjoy the drive and the view as you hop into this stylish kart and drive through dirty/ rough paths. No more worrying about damaging your boots or not being able to use your regular car within the property. Just make sure teens less than sixteen years of age don’t drive this kart. Hammerhead has other exclusive models for kids and younger teens.

How to Operate HH R-150

It is essential to know how to operate and drive the go kart. R-150 is for older teens (aged 16 or more) and adults.

Remember that R-150 is an off-road vehicle. It is not meant for driving on asphalt roads, pavements, gravel, etc.

Servicing Hammerhead R-150

How you take care of your kart determines its durability, performance, and longevity. Follow the instructions in the manual and hire only authorized service providers/ mechanics for servicing the kart periodically.

Engine and Fuel

Change the engine oil a month after the break-in and continue to check the oil levels every month. Replace the engine oil once every six months or 300 miles.

Refill the recommended fuel (unleaded with less than 10% ethanol) and add carbon clean with each refill. You need to check the drive chain every time before using the kart.

Vehicle Lubrication

A general lubrication service should be performed every three months or 500 miles, depending on whichever comes first. All the cables, wires, components, and fittings have to be checked during this process.


Check the battery each month and clean it after every 250 miles. There should be no leakages, holes, corrosion, etc., anywhere near the battery.


The engine and fuel system filters also need regular cleaning and periodic replacement. Inspect the engine filters every month. The fuel filters last longer and can be inspected and cleaned once every twelve months (or 600 miles).

Drive Belt and Major Components

The wiring, drive belt, clutch system, and front wheel bearings should be inspected at least once a year and replaced as and when necessary. The brake fluid lasts up to two years, though.

Don’t try to repair/ remove/ replace any components if you don’t have the necessary technical experience. Replace worn-out parts with new ones as soon as possible to minimize the risk of breakdowns and accidents.

Final Words

Hammerhead R-150 is an affordable, fun, and compact UTV with an array of exciting and useful features. It is a great choice for estate owners, managers, property developers, etc., to use during their day-to-day work or to provide an entertaining drive for the guests.

HH R-150 is a go-to choice for light-duty drives and a reliable kart for off-road driving. Enjoy your drive in this good-looking kart.