Ford Escort Mk2

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

This was a car that was a whole heck of a lot cheaper than it is now, in many places…. before its price was played around with, and it was imported around, and its supply – demand economics took a major change. I remember when you could more easily and cheaply get one…. remember those good days? Now, there is more effort behind the whole process ; but either way, I would like to talk about this car and some things on it that you might not have thought on. May I talk to you for a bit?

So first of all, the engine on this has been known to be a great one, a free – revver, as some like to joke about it being so. With regular maintenance and changes, it ought to run no less than smoothly and revv up freely, nicely. No main issues usually. As for the suspension itself, it has been noted to be quite simple and super – effective as well. It is such a cheap repair and its spare parts are so easy to find just about anywhere ; you should not really find yourself in a jam when it comes to finding suitable spare parts that are compatible with it. There is a wide array and selection of that just about anywhere ; check your craigslist, look online at your Amazon or eBay. Ask your auto dealers locally. Or heck, even go to auto – supplier parts websites, which exist in multitudes these days, and you can order from the web and to your home…. in seconds. Well, you order in seconds ( but the part itself arrives in days, usually… but some places let you expedite the ship – out so that you can get what you need a bit faster…. but be ready to pay more for additional ship – out costs, he he he heh ) .

The axles on this car tend to last for a good, long while, too…. that is, at least, when you keep them properly topped – up and keep an eye on things as you ought to. Maintenance is key. You ought to keep an eye on the steering rack as well as your suspension bushes, from time to time, as well ( like every 3 – 5 months or so, just to give you a clue ) . Keep a maintenance schedule if you do not do so already ; you can not forget a single scheduled check as it can be costly.

Watch out for leaks in your axles as well as this has, I will be HONEST, been ONE of the major issues that has been noted with this car. This model has seen a few of those issues there. So just don’t freak out, but keep an eye out…. as I like to say. And this car, in most cases, came with front discs…. when bought newly. Keep that in mind as well.